Saturday, October 22, 2011


This weekend was filled with soccer. It was the girls high school state championships and Waterford was playing and my uncle also coach's Ogden's team so we watched a lot of soccer. And luckily Waterford is in 2A and Ogden is in 3A so they didn't have to play each other.

It started on Friday night with Ogden's semifinal game. They were playing Park City and no one really likes Park City anyways so it was an intense game. The reffing was terrible. I have never seen soccer reffed so badly. But whatever. Ogden won 2-1 and they played hard. It was really sad because at the every end of the game one of the Ogden girls tore her ACL. I think she was senior and didn't get to play in the state game, I felt so badly for her,

Waterford won their game pretty easily on Friday morning so their state game was on Saturday.  They were playing St. Joes and they had lost twice to St. Joes so everyone was pretty nervous. They girls played so tough the whole game. It was amazing. They were able to contain St. Joes pretty well so that was great. Towards the end of the first half my favoritest Jamie Duke kicked a spectacular corner kick and the AMAZING freshmen Grace was able to put it away with a header. It really was one of the best plays I have seen. They were able to hold of St. Joes for the second half and they won 1-0. I was so proud of those girls.

My cousin Emi starts and she is only a freshmen! She has been having some ankle/knee problems lately so she didn't play the whole game but when she did she played so great. Go Emi!!!

Waterford has won 3 out of the last 4 state championships and last year they got second. They are so great and I am so proud to be a Raven!

You can read more about the game here and here.

 Waterford's Goalie is Jeannie Woller and she is so great it is amazing. She has started for 4 years (I think?) and she really is a spectacular goalie. This picture is so great because winning as a senior has to be so great for her and I think this picture really shows it.

The energy after the game was awesome. Everyone was so excited and happy. It was such a great win and they played so well.  One of the coolest things about the game was the girls soccer team from Manti. St. Joes had beat Manti the day before and the girls came to cheer on the Ravens. They were louder than the student section from Waterford. I thought that was one of the nicest things. So great.

After Waterford won it was time for Ogden to play their state game. We got really lucky because the games were one after another so we just stayed at the stadium.

The Ogden game wasn't as exciting for me since I don't know any of the girls personally but I will never skip watching and cheering for a soccer game. The Ogden girls played Cedar High and they played pretty well. Both teams looked a little sloppy sometimes but it was a tough game. Both teams were playing really aggressively.

Ogden scored in the beginning of the game on a mistake by the goalie. She had the ball but then she let it slip through her legs. I always hate it when scores like that happen because I can not imagine how terrible the goalie must feel.

The game ended 1-0 and Ogden won. (Fun fact: every single state game  The people sitting around me were so excited that it made me excited! But Maisie wasn't quite as excited...

And I even got a crappy picture of my uncle being interviewed for the newspaper.

You can read some of the interview here and here.

It was a good weekend for soccer and I am so glad that both of those teams. They played hard and they deserved it. Now if only the Utes could win another game...

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