Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today was super duper busy. I had class, then work, and then a class in Provo for my study abroad (and provo is about an hour away so that just added more time to my business) but it was still good.

Some fun thoughts about the day/voyage to Provo:

-I had to eat a sucker to soften the pain of having to go to Provo. It was quite a delicious sucker and it made a great microphone to all of the songs I was singing along to.

-While singing along quite obviously I stopped at a stoplight and after being there for a while I looked over at the guy in the car next to me and he gave me a little nod. It was a nice confidence booster but embarrassing because I was seriously singing along....just a little awkward....
-Before I left my mom asked me if I needed to wear my dad's bike sleeves to cover my wrists and to make sure that my ankles were covered. Thanks for looking out for me mom

I'm probably a sinner since you can still see my wrists.

-I got to my class late. Ahhhhh!

-The class was good and made me so excited to go to London. Hooray!  The funniest part of the whole class was when my professor was pointing out where Notting Hill was and he said "this is where Julia Roberts met Hugh Grant." He said it so seriously and it was hilarious.

-I like bullet points and I know they make for boring blogging but I will probably continue to use them.

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