Saturday, October 8, 2011


The Utes lost yet again. But ASU was ranked so I was expecting a loss I just wasn't expecting it to be quite as ugly as it was. The Utes had 5 turnovers yet again. And out starting quarterback was out so we played a guy with almost 0 experience. It was kind of rough but the Utes played semi well considering the circumstances.

(beware this is going to be a rant.)

The reffing in the game was literally the worst reffing I have ever seen in my whole life. And it wasn't helped by the fact that ASU has no discipline and their players acted like gang members. The refs were calling everything against Utah even though ASU was doing the exact same things...and sometimes even worse things. There was a few minutes during the second quarter where the Utes got called for a facemask then after the whistle blew on one of the next plays an ASU played slammed a Utah player to the ground and didn't get called for anything. Then on the next play the ASU player dragged a Utah player down by their facemask and didn't get called. It was so ridiculous. I have never seen two play so obvious that were uncalled. The penalties really effected the game and the Utes lost a lot of momentum due to getting called for ridiculous things and for ASU not getting called. I am not saying that we would have won in those penalties would have been called but think it could have been a different game. I hate it when people blame things on the refs but this was seriously the biggest injustice I have ever seen in any football game.

Also, I think I have found myself a team that I dislike as much as I dislike BYU (maybe even more, but don't tell anyone I said that). ASU seriously disgusts me. The played so nastily that it was almost unbearable. And I know it is football and those are big tough guys playing but still it was terrible. Their players also engaged with fans sitting in the stands. I don't know of any other coaches that would have allowed that. A football team needs discipline and they obviously did not have it. My dad told me that their coach is known for letting criminals play and he has been fired from other school because of the lack of discipline his team shows. They all acted like big thugs and made themselves and their school look like a total joke. Even though we lost I am glad that Utah plays with class and doesn't lower itself to the standards of other teams. For the most part out guys would not engage in any arguing or other things like that. I was proud of the composure that Utes had even in the face of stupid losers.

Ok end of rant...

The only good things that came out of the game were when some dumb ASU students decided to venture into the MUSS and that was not tolerated so they started getting things thrown at them and then the ASU fans got kicked out. It was pretty funny that they didn't really do anything but sit there and they got kicked out. It serves them right. 

The little patches of yellow are the ASU fans.
I also saw these shoes and wanted them.

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