Saturday, September 3, 2011


I really like to go to weddings. I like to see how they are decorated and what the food is like and I especially love to see the bride's dress. And I just got home from one of the cutest weddings I have ever been to. It was at the Country Club so the food was amazing and the venue was beautiful. The dress was to die for. It was seriously one of the cutest dresses I have ever seen. They had so many cute pictures and they just looked so happy. They were so sweet. The groom lived in my neighborhood and I had never met the bride before but once I met her in the receiving line she was so genuine and sweet. No wonder he married her.

Everyone there was just having such a good time. It really was fabulous. And a special thanks to Will for getting me to dance with him. Although I acted like I was super embarrassed I had a wonderful time!  Dancing with someone that is actually a good dancer was really fun. I should do more dancing in my life. Overall it was just spectacular and I love just feeling happy when you get home from an event. So great!

Congrats the the bride and groom. I hope you will have a wonderful amazing fabulous life just like your wedding!

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