Sunday, September 18, 2011

Team Down South.

I can not even bring myself to name the title of this post BYU so I called them the team down south instead which is what my dad like to call them, anyways...

The game was FANTASTIC. On the first drive of the game byu had a bad snap and then jake heaps whiffed his pass and then he couldn't land on the ball so the Utes scored a touchdown. And that was kind of how it went the rest of them game. The cougars had 3 turnovers in the first quarter....good job guys. And two on them were forced by the Utes so that just shows you how good our defense is. Byu kept talking about how great their defense was but it definitely did not show. By the end of the game John White IV was running all over those guys. Two HUGE touchdown runs in the 4th quarter. So GREAT!!!

Byu did not score in the second half at all and Utah had 37 unanswered points. My utes really stepped it up and won the game. Granted byu had 7 turnovers so that helped just a little...

Here is a little gem of a video to show you just how great my Utes played.

The final score was 54-10. That is the biggest blow out between those two teams since like 1922 or something like that. I just love my Utes so much and they really proved that we belong in the PAC-12 and byu should be independent because no one wanted them anyways. But there isn't much else I need to say because the game spoke for itself so now I need to go find some byu fans to taunt. 


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