Friday, September 16, 2011


Tomorrow. Tomorrow. TOMORROW! Does everyone know what tomorrow is?!?!?!?! Because it is only one of the most important days of the year. And I know you must all be thinking "what it is anna's birthday tomorrow?" Since we all know that is THE most important day of the year. But no it is not, it is the Utah vs. BYU football game. Hooray!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I think I have read every article and comment there is to read and it is making me more excited than ever. It seems a bit off this year because it is coming so early in the season and there hasn't been a lot of build up but still. No other game can rival this football game. I almost had a heart attack last year when Brandon Burton blocked the field goal attempt and then decided to tell him that I basically peed my attractive. Oh well, when it comes to football there is no controlling what I say. Neither can my mom since she was debating wearing her "max hall hates me" shirt but decided it was better to save it for tomorrow. I just can not wait.  And apparently my psychology teacher can't either...

What a lovely topic for class. He was also wearing a
"beat byu" shirt. Love!
Hopefully it should be a good game. Both teams have good defenses so it pretty much just comes down to whose offense can step up to the plate. And after last weeks game I think the Utes can do it. We held our own against USC for crying out loud. The anticipation is killing me! I guess I better go find some more articles to read or something...Oh I will paint my nails red. Such a good plan. I hope you are all watching the game and cheering for the Utes because we all know who the better team is.

Oh and I just saw this and couldn't help posting it.
Just in case the byu fans don't know how to cheer for their own team....

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