Friday, September 2, 2011

Montana State.

Yesterday was the first football game of the season and it was so exciting. I was like literally jumping up and down all day. I could barely contain my excitement.

Apparently Avery and Maire couldn't either....
We went to the tailgate before that game. It was my first tailgating experience but that is what normal college kids do right? It was kind of boring in my opinion. They didn't have any hot dogs (which is all I really wanted) and it wasn't very exciting...but maybe that was just me...?

Does it look exciting?
Sorry about the random gray part....
The only thing that looked really exciting was the mechanical bull. I was so tempted to ride it but I was scared I would make a total fool out of myself....which is highly likely.

Another funny thing at the tailgate was this car.

We were sitting near the car for a little while and it was hilarious to hear how many people said "hey that car has a mohawk!" Like literally every person said something about it. They were obsessed!!!

We didn't stay at the tailgate for very long because we were all too excited about the game!!! And we had super good tickets. They were in the muss section that is closest to the 50 yard line and we were on row 11. We got so lucky to get those seats!!!

Me and Avery were excited!

The "Pride of Utah". I have no idea why they call
the band that?
The game was super exciting for the 1st quarter when we score two touchdowns and a field goal. I thought we were totally going to blow them out but then the Utes decided to stop sucking. Seriously, if our offense doesn't step it up then we are in for a long season. And defense, does Brian Blechen have to play every position??? I am pretty sure he made pretty much every tackle and he got two interceptions. We really need to step up if we want to have a chance at competing at all in the Pac-12.

Did I mention we are in the Pac-12?!?!?! How exciting is that??!?!?!?! Hooray!!!!!

Random picture of a huddle.
They should do more of those and call good plays.
I know that it sounds like I totally hate the Utes but I don't. I just know they are capable of so much more and I just want them to be the bestest they can be. It is like tough love. Believe I do not love any other team every anymore than I love the utes. Regardless of where I live or go to school I will always be a Utah girl at heart.

At the end of the game the players come and stand in front of the MUSS and then the band plays our fight that is kinda fun....

Oh and we won 27-10. It was a dissatisfying score but I guess a win is a win is a win. And we were playing Montana State...hence the title of this post.

Next up...USC at the Coliseum. I can't wait!!!!

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