Monday, September 5, 2011


Oh mylanta. I don't even know what to say. At this very moment my best friend is on a plane ride to Paris. She really is living out her dream and I am soooooo happy for her. But what am I going to do for 4 months without her???? Really though, I do not really know how I am going to function. I talk to her literally EVERY day. We basically have the same brain and it is kinda hard to survive without half of your brain. She just understands every emotion and thought that I have. It is creepy most of the time haha. We think like most of the same things and we always seem to be thinking about the same things. And even though we have differing opinions and ideas about some things we still get along like no body's business. It is so ridiculous. Well I guess I will just have to try my hardest not to go crazy without her.

I know you are going to have the most wonderful and fantastic time and I am so jelly. Don't forget about me here at home. Cause I promise I could never ever ever forget about you. You are my favorite! And don't worry, no one will ever understand me like you do so making a new best friend is impossible. I couldn't do it if I tried. Love you and I miss you already!

This was the only decent picture facebook had of the two
of us. Aren't we the cutest.

Oh and if you want to follow her wonderful adventures you can find them here

Hopefully she doesn't mind that I just advertised her blog to the world....

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