Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am sitting here thinking about studying for the test I have tomorrow...yes you read that right thinking about studying...and I seriously want some ice cream. Like I am dying for it. But my fashion style at this moment is hobo chic, but less chic and more hobo. So leaving the house at this moment is not an option and it kinda feels like making one of my siblings walk to the store is like child labor? So then I had a stroke of genius. Ice cream delivery system!

You could just go online and say "I want a whole gallon of cookies n cream". And then like 10 minutes later a delivery guy (who happens to look like this guy) would come to your house and bring you the ice cream. I see no flaws in this plan and I am in awe that no one has thought of this idea before. If someone wants to start this company and then let me know the phone number/website that would be perfect. And if you could get it started right now, I would not complain.

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