Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"Don't Break the Ice" is the worst game ever invented on the face of this earth, (except maybe the space version of settlers because I really hate that as Sica and conrad will probably tell you).

It takes like a year and a half to set up and then the game is over in like 30 seconds. I was babysitting today and Johnny is the cutest kid ever but if I had to put that ice together one more time I was going to jump into a frozen pond myself....because we frequently have those this time of year in Utah...

Set up literally takes 5 minutes at least.

So proud I finally got it all together!

10 seconds later it is destroyed...
Whoever invented that game should be forced to set it up every time a child wants to play. Because seriously it is just torture for parents and babysitters. And I will be sure to never buy this when I have my own children...and if anyone finds it funny to give it to me as a gift I will literally throw it away and I won't feel one tiny bit bad....you were warned.

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