Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Since I know you are all so interested I decided to make a little list of some of my favorite things of right now. And believe me, this list change like every 10 minutes.

1. Rachel Zoe. And her tv show. And most everything about her.


I have recently started watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" and I adore it. She is so hilarious and kind of annoying but yet I can not get enough. I kind of just want to be her...
And I just signed up for her daily newsletter. Now I will be fashionable!!!
2. Will Arnett

I haven't seen him act very much but I saw the pilot of his new show and I really liked it. He is quite a funny guy, and he is not bad looking ... and he is married to Amy Pohler so that is probably the most hilarious house on the planet.

3. Imagine Dragons.
Super great band. My favorite song is Tokyo. Watch the following video to understand.

4. Super Bass.
I can not get this song out of my head but yet I kind of don't mind it. I won't post the video cause it is kind of sketchy but I still love the song.

5. The Utes....and football in general.

I LOVE this picture!!!!
In case you couldn't tell I have a small obsession with the Utah football team. I just  think they are so great! And they have been playing pretty great thus far. I know their record is only 2-1 but they played really tough against USC and luck just wasn't on our side that night.  I can't get enough of the Utes and I have a feeling that the next 10 days or so are going to be too long because of the stupid bye week.

6. Friday Night Lights.

I know I really missed the boat with this show but I have been watching it from the beginning on netflix and I really enjoy it. There is a lot of drama but it doesn't seem pointless like in other shows. Alot of the things that happen could happen in real life. Plus I love Zach Gilford so it is not bad watching a show where he is like the main character.

7. Emails with the subject line "thank you for your J.Crew order"
Who knew that those few simple words could make a girl so happy???

8. Suits.

Best show on tv. Literally. Harvey is AMAZING and mike ross is a genius. Such a great show. Everyone should watch it. Yet another obsession brought about by Lauren. Why must you cause me so many issues??? I blame you! And yes I know you are reading this.
9. Ummmm nothing else at the moment? And I know most of those things (ok all of them) revolved around tv or music. And I guess that is the main focus of my life so that is why they are all my favorites.

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