Thursday, September 29, 2011


So the other day I saw a lady that was filing her nails while she was driving. I thought it was super weird and I even had to do a double take to understand what she was doing. I have also seen people who are putting on mascara, rocking out to their music, and making out. So I started thinking about all the weird things I have done while I was driving. So the whole way I was driving to work I was thinking about what I do while I drive and I came up with quite the list.

1. Eating
I am always eating while I am driving. Literally always. Mostly it is just granola bars or something like that...although I will admit that I have tried to eat yogurt while I was driving and I believe I spilled it all over myself. Today I was eating a granola bar and then I looked at the wrapper and saw this.

Yes Nick Jonas is on the wrapper. I have no idea why but it made my tiny meal a little bit more entertaining.


I am also always listening to music and I am singing along the vast majority of the time. Actually, I can not think of a time when I am not singing while I am driving. It just makes the drive so much more entertaining for me and I am sure for the people around me that watch me constantly singing along.

3. Creeping

Rear view mirrors are perfect for checking out who is around you. I always hope there is a cute boy driving behind me just so that I can use my mirror to see them. (yes that was the creepiest thing I have ever said)

4. (closely related to creeping) Watching for hipsters on bikes.

Everyday I see at least one hipster riding his bike around downtown. I secretly wish I was a hipster but I just don't have what it takes to pull it off. So I settle for watching them riding their bikes and hoping they see me wearing the cutest sunglasses on the planet.

5. Admiring my nails.

Today I especially noticed this. My nails just looked fantastic in comparison to the steering wheel. Like really good. (the picture doesn't do it any justice) I also like to tap my nails on different things in the car mostly just because I like the noise it makes...

Last but not least

6. Thinking about clothes
If you have spent anytime around me in the past month or so you will know that I have a new found obsession with clothes (if you have read any previous posts you will also know that). I really do spend quite alot of time thinking about what I will wear tomorrow and looking at other peoples clothes around me.

Thinking about my brand new sweater I can't wait to wear!

Yes I did plan out my outfit the night before, and yes I did take
a picture of it. Don't lie, you have all done it before.

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