Friday, September 30, 2011


So I basically live in a Zoo of random creatures.

We have frogs

And a crazy caterpiller me and Maisie found on the back porch.

Maisie insisted we put it in a jar and keep it. Lucky for us it started to make a coccon the next day!

It is hiding at the bottom of the jar.
And of course how could I not mention the chickens....?

One of our chicken has been sick and so my mom has been kind of babying it. She has it sleep in a little dog kennel on the porch and she feeds it special food. So now it thinks it is a part of our family.

Waiting for mom to come play with her.

Sad because mom isn't home.

The only conclusion I can draw from this post is that I basically live on a farm.
That is all.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am sitting here thinking about studying for the test I have tomorrow...yes you read that right thinking about studying...and I seriously want some ice cream. Like I am dying for it. But my fashion style at this moment is hobo chic, but less chic and more hobo. So leaving the house at this moment is not an option and it kinda feels like making one of my siblings walk to the store is like child labor? So then I had a stroke of genius. Ice cream delivery system!

You could just go online and say "I want a whole gallon of cookies n cream". And then like 10 minutes later a delivery guy (who happens to look like this guy) would come to your house and bring you the ice cream. I see no flaws in this plan and I am in awe that no one has thought of this idea before. If someone wants to start this company and then let me know the phone number/website that would be perfect. And if you could get it started right now, I would not complain.


So the other day I saw a lady that was filing her nails while she was driving. I thought it was super weird and I even had to do a double take to understand what she was doing. I have also seen people who are putting on mascara, rocking out to their music, and making out. So I started thinking about all the weird things I have done while I was driving. So the whole way I was driving to work I was thinking about what I do while I drive and I came up with quite the list.

1. Eating
I am always eating while I am driving. Literally always. Mostly it is just granola bars or something like that...although I will admit that I have tried to eat yogurt while I was driving and I believe I spilled it all over myself. Today I was eating a granola bar and then I looked at the wrapper and saw this.

Yes Nick Jonas is on the wrapper. I have no idea why but it made my tiny meal a little bit more entertaining.


I am also always listening to music and I am singing along the vast majority of the time. Actually, I can not think of a time when I am not singing while I am driving. It just makes the drive so much more entertaining for me and I am sure for the people around me that watch me constantly singing along.

3. Creeping

Rear view mirrors are perfect for checking out who is around you. I always hope there is a cute boy driving behind me just so that I can use my mirror to see them. (yes that was the creepiest thing I have ever said)

4. (closely related to creeping) Watching for hipsters on bikes.

Everyday I see at least one hipster riding his bike around downtown. I secretly wish I was a hipster but I just don't have what it takes to pull it off. So I settle for watching them riding their bikes and hoping they see me wearing the cutest sunglasses on the planet.

5. Admiring my nails.

Today I especially noticed this. My nails just looked fantastic in comparison to the steering wheel. Like really good. (the picture doesn't do it any justice) I also like to tap my nails on different things in the car mostly just because I like the noise it makes...

Last but not least

6. Thinking about clothes
If you have spent anytime around me in the past month or so you will know that I have a new found obsession with clothes (if you have read any previous posts you will also know that). I really do spend quite alot of time thinking about what I will wear tomorrow and looking at other peoples clothes around me.

Thinking about my brand new sweater I can't wait to wear!

Yes I did plan out my outfit the night before, and yes I did take
a picture of it. Don't lie, you have all done it before.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"Don't Break the Ice" is the worst game ever invented on the face of this earth, (except maybe the space version of settlers because I really hate that as Sica and conrad will probably tell you).

It takes like a year and a half to set up and then the game is over in like 30 seconds. I was babysitting today and Johnny is the cutest kid ever but if I had to put that ice together one more time I was going to jump into a frozen pond myself....because we frequently have those this time of year in Utah...

Set up literally takes 5 minutes at least.

So proud I finally got it all together!

10 seconds later it is destroyed...
Whoever invented that game should be forced to set it up every time a child wants to play. Because seriously it is just torture for parents and babysitters. And I will be sure to never buy this when I have my own children...and if anyone finds it funny to give it to me as a gift I will literally throw it away and I won't feel one tiny bit were warned.

Monday, September 26, 2011


So I love my family. I really do, but some days it is nice when the house looks like this

Yes that is right, there is no one but me in my house and I am LOVING it!

Henry had a soccer game in Orem after school so my mom took all the kids and my dad is still at work. It is a lovely feeling to have total silence in the house (since it is a quite a rarity at my house). I may be really weird but I love to be alone and not have any one bothering me or even just around me. Sometimes a girl just needs some "me time". I just had to document this moment of complete and utter I am off to enjoy it!

I will probably take a nap like Bumpy likes to do.

Not my dog but I wish he was!
Just like a giant bear to cuddle with. Love it.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


So I have posted about the farm before but this weekend something really funny happened. The farmer that lives there is named Christopher and when he woke up on Saturday there was a baby mule there. Apparently there is a donkey that lives around the farm and one of the horses that we have had a baby and we didn't even know she was pregnant. He is kind of funny looking but still cute. I am super excited about it and I can't wait to go see him in real life!

Look at his funny oversized ears.

I think he looks just like a baby deer.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Real Life Tangled.

Last night Sica decided we needed to go to Maverick to get some ice cream. I wasn't really keen on the ice cream idea but it was well worth the trip.

We saw the coolest thing ever! Someone decided that it would be fun to set off lanterns like they do in Tangled. There weren't quite as many as there were in Tangled (since there are like a billion) but there were still like 20 and it was so cool. I wish I was cool enough to think of doing that!

Worst pictures ever but it was really the coolest thing ever!

Another weird little thing was the sign we saw on a random machine thing at Maverick

I don't know if you can read the sign very well but it says the machine may be out of order. What does that even mean??? Does it work or not? I don't comprehend....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Since I know you are all so interested I decided to make a little list of some of my favorite things of right now. And believe me, this list change like every 10 minutes.

1. Rachel Zoe. And her tv show. And most everything about her.


I have recently started watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" and I adore it. She is so hilarious and kind of annoying but yet I can not get enough. I kind of just want to be her...
And I just signed up for her daily newsletter. Now I will be fashionable!!!
2. Will Arnett

I haven't seen him act very much but I saw the pilot of his new show and I really liked it. He is quite a funny guy, and he is not bad looking ... and he is married to Amy Pohler so that is probably the most hilarious house on the planet.

3. Imagine Dragons.
Super great band. My favorite song is Tokyo. Watch the following video to understand.

4. Super Bass.
I can not get this song out of my head but yet I kind of don't mind it. I won't post the video cause it is kind of sketchy but I still love the song.

5. The Utes....and football in general.

I LOVE this picture!!!!
In case you couldn't tell I have a small obsession with the Utah football team. I just  think they are so great! And they have been playing pretty great thus far. I know their record is only 2-1 but they played really tough against USC and luck just wasn't on our side that night.  I can't get enough of the Utes and I have a feeling that the next 10 days or so are going to be too long because of the stupid bye week.

6. Friday Night Lights.

I know I really missed the boat with this show but I have been watching it from the beginning on netflix and I really enjoy it. There is a lot of drama but it doesn't seem pointless like in other shows. Alot of the things that happen could happen in real life. Plus I love Zach Gilford so it is not bad watching a show where he is like the main character.

7. Emails with the subject line "thank you for your J.Crew order"
Who knew that those few simple words could make a girl so happy???

8. Suits.

Best show on tv. Literally. Harvey is AMAZING and mike ross is a genius. Such a great show. Everyone should watch it. Yet another obsession brought about by Lauren. Why must you cause me so many issues??? I blame you! And yes I know you are reading this.
9. Ummmm nothing else at the moment? And I know most of those things (ok all of them) revolved around tv or music. And I guess that is the main focus of my life so that is why they are all my favorites.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I have an obsession. Like a literal obsession with clothes. And I do not have the money to support my obsession so that is sad. (What a well constructed beautiful sentence that was....not). I blame Lauren for this obsession. She always has the cutest clothes as I have mentioned on a previous occassions and I feel like I have to keep up with her. So therefore I must buy lots of cute clothes...and all the clothes I like are expensive so I can't buy them so then I am just even more jealous. Oh what a vicious cycle I am trapped in. I just want new clothes all the time. And fall means I need to buy new warm fallish clothes. So basically a whole new wardrobe. Oh no, this could be very bad for my bank account....

But I am quite proud of myself for some of my recent purchases. I have been a very good responsible shopper. If I see something expensive then I wait a few days or even a week before I go back to buy it. Because I have learned that I may be quite an impluse shopper sometimes so waiting has been good for me. The best example of this are my AMAZING green pants.

 If you haven't heard about the green pants then you must not spend enough time with me. I saw them with Lauren but I couldn't bring myself to buy them so I waited a week and hooray I still wanted them. So now I own them. And I love them. But when you have awesome green pants you need awesome things to go with them . Here are some things that I am coveting right now.



In case you couldn't tell I REALLY want a shirt with a tie on it. Do you think it is a good trend or kinda lame???

I also am loving button up shirts. Hence the three that I have bought recently...


I LOVE this sweater and I WILL own it soon enough. And I just discovered that is is 30% off this week so I will own it much sooner than I expected. Hooray! I just can not decide what color. I am leaning towards the brown because it will go better with more things but the other colors are just so fun. Any suggestions?

I would also LOVE a pair of cords. I really want like a plum color so I am looking for that but these two options from J. Crew aren't bad


I saw a girl wearing pants this color today and they were so cute! Do you think they are too bright for winter?

And Midi skirts are kinda to die for. I am so glad that modest skirts are finally trendy!

And I can not get a decent picture of this one but this skirt  is to DIE for. I am in love.

And we can not forget accessories.

I think this is the cutest hair bow scrunchie thing ever. I want it so badly. Maybe I will order it right now...

So those are the things I want. If anyone wants to donate to the "Anna wants new clothes foundation" we are gladly taking donations!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Team Down South.

I can not even bring myself to name the title of this post BYU so I called them the team down south instead which is what my dad like to call them, anyways...

The game was FANTASTIC. On the first drive of the game byu had a bad snap and then jake heaps whiffed his pass and then he couldn't land on the ball so the Utes scored a touchdown. And that was kind of how it went the rest of them game. The cougars had 3 turnovers in the first quarter....good job guys. And two on them were forced by the Utes so that just shows you how good our defense is. Byu kept talking about how great their defense was but it definitely did not show. By the end of the game John White IV was running all over those guys. Two HUGE touchdown runs in the 4th quarter. So GREAT!!!

Byu did not score in the second half at all and Utah had 37 unanswered points. My utes really stepped it up and won the game. Granted byu had 7 turnovers so that helped just a little...

Here is a little gem of a video to show you just how great my Utes played.

The final score was 54-10. That is the biggest blow out between those two teams since like 1922 or something like that. I just love my Utes so much and they really proved that we belong in the PAC-12 and byu should be independent because no one wanted them anyways. But there isn't much else I need to say because the game spoke for itself so now I need to go find some byu fans to taunt. 


Friday, September 16, 2011


Tomorrow. Tomorrow. TOMORROW! Does everyone know what tomorrow is?!?!?!?! Because it is only one of the most important days of the year. And I know you must all be thinking "what it is anna's birthday tomorrow?" Since we all know that is THE most important day of the year. But no it is not, it is the Utah vs. BYU football game. Hooray!!! I can hardly contain my excitement. I think I have read every article and comment there is to read and it is making me more excited than ever. It seems a bit off this year because it is coming so early in the season and there hasn't been a lot of build up but still. No other game can rival this football game. I almost had a heart attack last year when Brandon Burton blocked the field goal attempt and then decided to tell him that I basically peed my attractive. Oh well, when it comes to football there is no controlling what I say. Neither can my mom since she was debating wearing her "max hall hates me" shirt but decided it was better to save it for tomorrow. I just can not wait.  And apparently my psychology teacher can't either...

What a lovely topic for class. He was also wearing a
"beat byu" shirt. Love!
Hopefully it should be a good game. Both teams have good defenses so it pretty much just comes down to whose offense can step up to the plate. And after last weeks game I think the Utes can do it. We held our own against USC for crying out loud. The anticipation is killing me! I guess I better go find some more articles to read or something...Oh I will paint my nails red. Such a good plan. I hope you are all watching the game and cheering for the Utes because we all know who the better team is.

Oh and I just saw this and couldn't help posting it.
Just in case the byu fans don't know how to cheer for their own team....

Monday, September 12, 2011


So I have been in the process of applying to study abroad in London next semester and I had an interview today. I thought it went pretty well and they told me I wouldn't know if I was accepted until the deadline for application which is the end of spetember. But...I just got an email saying I was accepted! I am so excited I can not ever explain it!!!! Hooray!!!!!


I just got home from a lovely quick little trip to California to support my Utes. It was such a good time and I definitely needed a quick little vacation.

We left on Thursday night. I was going with a lot of other students on the "Muss Bus". So we were literally riding a bus there. So that was kind of a pain but it was fun nonetheless.

So we drove from about 11 at night to 5 in the morning when out bus decided it would be fun to break down so we could only go about 20 mph...super great.

Random quote from the drive..."it says it takes 5 hours with traffic to get to St. George" "Ya that is what I said, 6 hours"

When you can take a picture this clear out of a moving
bus you are going too slow...
So we finally got to Barstow and our bus went to the mechanic and we got to sit at Mcdonalds.

Home away from home.

We finally got back on the road and got to our hotel around 1.

Which was about exactly two miles away from this

And yes we did walk the two miles to the beach but it was so worth it! We didn't really want to get in the water or anything so we just walked around and stood on the pier for a while and watched some surfers. It was way fun and putting our feet in the water was heavenly.

We had to leave our mark on the beach.
After beaching it up we walked down the boardwalk and found some gems...

The picture does not display the full hilarity of this couple.

Cutest sunglasses ever!!!

A parking meter that takes credit cards?!!?!

And then we found a Fatburger to eat at. It was so delicious!

That night Ellie was a little too excited about the game and had to sleep with her Utah Snuggie, even though it made her look like a midget...

But I don't blame her because "it was like Ice Age 4 in our room". And when she woke up she gave us the best quote of the whole trip "It is so fetchin cold in here! Holy Canasta!!!". I think I laughed about that for about 15 minutes.

Game Day!!!

It took us like forever and a half to get ready on the morning of the game but it was still super exciting/nerve wracking.

Tailgating at the Coliseum is like its own sport.
And Sica made a super awesome sign.  Although I thought my suggestion of "Is your face ugly? Yes, you go to USC" was a better option...

We got off the bus and wandered around the maze of tailgates for like 20 minutes until we were able to find the Utah one.

We saw our band walking down the street and about a million USC fans. I don't think I have ever seen that many people in one place at the same time. It was craziness.

The Utah tailgate was like the nicest tailgate in the history of forever. It was super fancy. I was expecting hot dogs and instead we got this...

The whole atmosphere was just great and I was really surprised at how many Utah fans there were.

So pumped for the game!!!

And now we were off the the stadium to find our seats!

Who has escalators on the outside of the stadium???

Walking into the Coliseum was one of the most intimidating things ever. It is huge and loud and pretty historic. It was amazing.

Almost there....

Ta Da.
I wish the pictures could accurately describe the enormity of this this place. It was so huge it was unbelievable.

Let the traditions begin...

The "trojan" on the field.

"The Spirit of Troy" aka the lamest name for a band ever.

Floyover to honor 9-11

Coin Toss. The Utes are in white.
Let the game begin!!!
I was nervous the whole entire game. I was so worried that my Utes would go out there and just fall apart against a USC team that everyone thinks is totally amazing. But I was so proud of my boys. The offense was able to move the ball (thank you Jordan for throwing to the receivers hands instead of their feet). And the defense did a phenomenal job at containing the Trojans offense.

Touchdown for the Utes!!!!!

At the beginning of the 4th quarter some random torch just lit up. No one even really noticed...

The Utes hung with the Trojans the whole game even though they were fighting from behind the whole time. The last 2 minutes were some of the most stressful minutes I have ever had in my life...I think I lost 10 years from my life due to that game. But in the end we were down 14-17 and we were kicking a field goal that was blocked and then the trojans ran it back for a touchdown. It was such a disappointing way to lose but I was still so proud of my Utes. They played so well and really worked hard. If they can continue to play this way for the rest of the season we could have a great season. Go Utes!!!

Best 4 dollar hot dog I have ever had. I had to
buy it to comfort myself after the loss but it was
literally the best purchase I made the whole trip.

Once we got back to the hotel I had to wash all the red out of my hair and off my kinda looked like we killed someone in the bathtub...

On the way home me and Sica were so bored that we were ready to pull our hair out when we realized that we had the opposite color of everything and we found it quite hilarious.

We also came up with some great quotes like "the little baby pegasuses" and the hand motion that goes with it haha.

It was a wonderful weekend and I was so glad that I got to go to the game even though we lost. It was just a fantastic experience and I hope I will be able to go back again someday. Go Utes!!!