Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tour of Utah.

(Just for clarification this post is about the bike race. I am not actually taking you on a tour of utah...sorry, I know you were excited.)

Well we started off the day with trips to multiple different bike stores to try and get my mom a new bike (since the dumb robbers stole both of hers). At the second store I found a bike that was made for me! My mom also found a new bike but that isn't quite as important...

You can't really tell but it is the cutest bestest bike ever.
And it only cost 1300 dollars...which sounds like a lot but
it was actually pretty cheap for a nice road bike.
I wanted it so badly!!! It was meant to be my bike and I just know it. Too bad I don't remember the last time I rode a bike but that is just because I don't have a super cute awesome one to ride.

After the bike store me and my parents went to see stage four of the Tour of Utah. They rode their bikes (but since I don't have a bike I was forced to drive...more evidence that I needed that bike!) and I drove and had to try and find a parking space and to find out where my parents were. They had found a nice spot on a hill (which is always the best because they go slower) and we sat and watched them go by. They did 11 circuits around Salt Lake that were about 7.8 miles each. It was really fun to watch them.

Just before the race ended we went up and stood on a corner closer to the capital building and when the riders went by I could have literally reached my arm out and touched. It was crazy.

The best part of the whole day came after the race was over. We had seen George Hincapie during the race and he is one of my favorite cyclists so I wanted to see if we could find him. We walked up to where some of the team buses were and luckily the BMC bus was up there. In case that wasn't obvious George rides for team BMC. (and for any of you that like cycling you will know that Cadel Evens, the winner of the tour de france, rides for BMC.)  As we were walking towards the bus like stalkers we saw some BMC riders riding towards us and one of them was George!!! I was so excited that I kind of embarrassed myself by yelling out his name. He looked and me and came me a little "hey" nod. You know the kind, it is like a reverse nod that teenagers do when they think they are cool. I was so excited!!!! Most people don't even know who he is but yet he still managed to make me excited. Hooray George!!!

I also saw the announcements of the stage winner and both the 1st and 2nd place riders were named Javier. I found that to be kind of amusing.

The capital building looked quite nice.

It was super fun and I got to see a lot of the riders that I really liked in the tour de france (minus the Schlecks which was kind of disappointing but still). I really like cycling which is weird because I don't like to do it myself but it is still great!

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