Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie.)

-Definitely my favorite of all the movies. The plot isn't necessarily my favorite but the cinematography is splendid.

-The score is to die for. I don't usually pay attention to the music in movies (I normally have taft to do that for me) but I can not help but love this music. Especially when they are flying over the river Thames on broomsticks and when Fred and George are lighting off all their fireworks. AMAZING.

-The best scene in the whole entire Harry Potter franchise is between 1:06:30 and 1:07:30. That is a minute of pure hilarity. Love it.

-I love that Percy Weasley is dispersed throughout the whole film. What a gem.

-I also love Seamus's tie at 1:20:34. So great!

-Throughout the whole movie there are just awkward moments that crack me up. Most of the time Ron is trying not to laugh and I just love the way Rupert Grint plays him in this movie. Fantastic.

-I love all the newspaper clippings throughout the movie. I distinctly remember seeing it the first time and thinking "this would be really difficult to watch if you couldn't read". And it is true but it makes it so great.

-It hurts my heart that Sirius is dead. When Sirius dies is when I truly realize that Harry's life sucks. His parents are dead, Voldemort is after him, Dumbledore won't even look at him, his girlfriend revealed his secret club (just kidding that is not in the same league as these other things but it still kinda sucks), Sirius is dead, and now he is completely alone. I know the Weasley's are like a second family to him but can you imagine having anyone who was even remotely close to being like a family to you be killed? Sucks.

-I think this may be my favorite movie ever...actually I take that back. The Young Victoria will never be beat. If you haven't seen it, your life sucks and you need to change your ways and go watch it right now.  But Harry Potter is still quite a great movie. Now onto # 6.

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