Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know I should be extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to go to college and to get an education, but starting school each year is always a struggle for me. I just find it hard to get myself excited about going to school.  And this year is no different. I just have no excitement about going to school tomorrow. So I need someone to help get me excited! Because my family is not cutting it...especially since my siblings don't start for another week.  I am taking some good classes and hopefully I will get to know some cool new people but i just don't have a passion for learning that a lot of people have. I have some goals that I am setting for myself this new year and hopefully I will be successful...we shall see how this goes....

Some random recent pictures.

How cute is that outfit???

Sweet new puppy!

The lovely nail polish I bought from Urban Outfitters.

Sitting by the pool at Henry's soccer party.

Maisie was trying to float peacefully but the boys
kept bothering her.

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