Monday, August 8, 2011


So today we had a lovely day on the staycation and then came home to find our garage door open and 2 of our bikes missing. We were a bit concerned and then once we went inside and saw cabinets and drawers opened we realized we had been robbed. It was quite shocking and really uncomfortable.

We realized later that two guys had been walking through the neighborhood and knocking on doors. They knocked on two doors in our neighborhood and both women said that they had a creepy feeling when they were talking to them. We guess that they knocked on our door and when no one answered they went around looking for an open door and unfortunately for us they found one.

I only lost my ipod and some cash so I was really lucky. The worst part was they got  some  important documents and a lot of jewelry. It is just such a hassle to try and get those things back and to make sure no serious damage is done.

I am not too worried about my stuff that was gone because I can easily get new stuff. It just makes me so uncomfortable to think that someone has been through all my drawers and seen all my things. I just feel so violated and uncomfortable. You never think that someone will go through all your things.

It just makes me so mad that some people would think that it is ok to take things from other people. It is unfathomable for me to think about every going into someone else's house and taking things. How can anyone find that appropriate??? If only they knew what they put other people through....although I doubt that would make them change their ways. I would hate to be so desperate that I have to take things from others. It makes me sad for them but at the same time I am so mad that they are too lazy to find another solution to their problems. And maybe I am overgeneralizing the situation but I really think that there is always another solution to stealing. If everyone in the world was just a little more aware of how they effected others I think the world would be a much better place. And believe me I am not perfect at being aware of others but, I do try to make an effort to not hurt others feelings and to be kind. I just wish others would try to do the same.
This experience has also made me realize that things are just things. We can replace most everything that got taken and it will all work out in the end. We are so lucky that no one got hurt and that all our family is safe. I am also going to work a lot harder at being sympathetic towards people. You never know what people are going through and we should always be kind to everyone. I am so grateful for everything I have and I am much more appreciative of all I have now.

Oh and if anyone happens to magically find my stolen passport I would really really really love to have it back.

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