Friday, August 5, 2011


So either I was incredibly spoiled at college or I have just become more aware of how much noise constantly surrounds me. I feel like there is never anytime where I am just quiet.  I always have siblings or parents or neighbors or coworkers around me making noise (and no offense to them, it is not their fault they make noise while living their lives). Even when I am in my room by myself I am usually listening to music or watching something on hulu. I feel like I don't have any quiet time. I need to be more like a baby and just reserve some time during the day to just be quiet (not that babies do that on their own but their mothers force them to nap).

Now I love every member of my family dearly but having 30+ people in one room at the same time in bound to cause a lot of noise. We have gone out to eat twice on this "staycation" and we are so loud it is out of control. It almost stresses me out.

I just have too much noise in my life and I think it is adding to the level of annoyance and frustration I have with other people. So starting today I am going to make sure and find some time each day to just be quiet. I hope that it will help me to a more calm and happy person. Wish me luck!

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