Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I as I mentioned in my post about harry potter 5, I adore the movie The Young Victoria. Like ADORE it. I know it is geeky of me to be so in love with a historical movie but I just am. I even rented it and then didn't take it back to blockbuster...but don't worry, we paid for it. And then I thought I lost it and my life was sad...but yet again, don't worry, I found it.  So then I thought about my favorite movies. And I have quite a few.

The Young Victoria takes the cake. My life is just complete after I watched that movie. I can pretty much quote it line for line. And now all I want to do with my life is find my very own Albert...and if he looked just like Albert does in the movie I wouldn't complain. I just need someone to play the game with me (if you have seen the movie you should understand...)


Another random favorite of mine is Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I am almost positive none of you have ever seen it. But I assure you it is the best movie ever. Unless you are crazy like conrad and hate everything good....but otherwise you will love it. Assuming you like horses and jumping and blindness...sorry if I just ruined part of the plot?

500 Days of Summer can't be beat if you are an awesome I obviously am. Oh wait, no. But it is still a really good show even if I am not allowed to like it because I am not a hipster.
And I know that this movie is rated R but it really is fantastic. Slumdog Millionaire. I love it and it means so much to me because I have seen situations and people just like the ones depicted in the movie. It is so real and I love that about it. They don't shy away from the harsh things but it isn't graphic just to be graphic. Love.
The King's Speech is another rated R one that I love. But I hear you can easily get the pg-13 one and that it is just as good. So watch it.

The Social Network makes me so happy but so sad.  I just feel so bad for Eduardo and the twins. I will not even try to spell their last name. The weird thing about that movie is that the plot is really boring but yet it is a great movie. The acting is great. And I love Andrew Garfield.

(Random fact of the day, Brenda Song aka Eduardo's girlfriend in the movie is pregnant...and you will never guess who the father is Miley Cyrus's brother, who is also the lead singer of metrostation aka the guys that sing "shake shake a shake it"....just thought you ought to you)

Hmmmm I am sure there are alot more that I love I just can't think of them at the moment. Watching movies is like one of my favorite things to do. Love it so much. If you have any good suggestions I would love some more good ones to watch.

Oh and I recently watched The Help and it was FANTASTIC! It takes a lot for a movie to get me invested enough to cringe and feel for the characters but I really felt for the characters in that movie. There was so much character development and a connection. It was a really well made movie and it had one of the most amazing messages ever. Can you believe that is how America was not too long ago??? That makes me sick to my stomach but the way they approached a sensitive topic was pure magic.

 I just saw a list of good movies to watch and one of the movies on there was A Lot Like Love. Me and my cousin's watched that on a plane one time and I distinctly remember Nate saying "A lot like love? More like a lot like crap!"
Funniest thing I have ever heard.

And thinking of all these movies makes me miss my Taftie. Oh how hard life is when your best friend is gone....

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