Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachelor Pad.

I am kind of addicted to reality tv. It is a little bit of a problem. It just amazes me that people can be that crazy and dumb and annoying. Luckily I do not have anyone like that in my life...anymore...believe me I have had my fair share of crazies.

But while watching this last episode of Bachelor Pad it made me so glad that I do not live in that crazy world. Melissa is crazy sauce. Like I think she might literally have mental problems. If she can make Michelle look normal then she really is insane.

And I feel so sad for Michael. He is so sweet and so in love with Holly and she is being so dumb. You have the perfect guy! Why in the world are you hanging out with Blake???? He is a dumb loser. Duh!

Vienna and Kasey make me want to barf on my own face. I don't particularly like Jake but I do not blame him for doing anything terrible to Vienna if he did. She is out of control and fake and annoying and dumb. And Kasey...don't even get me started on him. I can't stand him. Ughhhh so bothersome.

And why do I continue to watch this show if the people are so infuriating??? Don't ask me. I have no control over my addictions. But luckily tomorrow is the first football game. Hooray!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!

Even my nails are getting excited!!!!!

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