Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I babysit like a fiend. Like I am literally always babysitting. It is getting a little ridiculous. But at the same time I get paid and I get to hang out with kids so it it not all bad...

The other night I babysat six kids all under the age of 9. It was a little crazy but at the same time really fun. The best part was when I took them all to the park. I got the funniest looks. But I am used to those after spending years with Maisie and getting pity looks from people that think I am a teenage mother.

If those 4 girls look like a big gang also imagine me
pushing a double stroller with two kids under 2.

Some of the cute kids at the park.

Then the next day I got to babysit my sweet little cousins. There were some arguments about if we should watch Tangled or Barbie Fashion Fairytale and then there was some panic when the girls decided to escape to the neighbors house. But it is all worth it when I get to look at this chubby face!

Could he be any sweeter???

And then today I babysat three little boys. I babysit them every week and they are really fun. They are so active that it can be a little too much at some points but otherwise it is just so fun to hang out with them.

Today Jack went to school and poor Johnny had no one to play with so he spent most of the day sitting on the front lawn waiting for Jack to come home. I tried my best to entertain him but I am not as much fun as an older brother.

Johnny was begging me to take a picture of him and Henry.

Later in the day they came up with a "fun" game. They thought it was so entertaining to jump off of the chair into the kiddie pool...which had no water in it...don't ask me why they found this fun.

Kids are just so fun to play with...but most the time I can only handle small doses. Hopefully all this babysitting will be good practice for being a mother...should I ever get so lucky to have children of my own.

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