Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bachelor Pad.

I am kind of addicted to reality tv. It is a little bit of a problem. It just amazes me that people can be that crazy and dumb and annoying. Luckily I do not have anyone like that in my life...anymore...believe me I have had my fair share of crazies.

But while watching this last episode of Bachelor Pad it made me so glad that I do not live in that crazy world. Melissa is crazy sauce. Like I think she might literally have mental problems. If she can make Michelle look normal then she really is insane.

And I feel so sad for Michael. He is so sweet and so in love with Holly and she is being so dumb. You have the perfect guy! Why in the world are you hanging out with Blake???? He is a dumb loser. Duh!

Vienna and Kasey make me want to barf on my own face. I don't particularly like Jake but I do not blame him for doing anything terrible to Vienna if he did. She is out of control and fake and annoying and dumb. And Kasey...don't even get me started on him. I can't stand him. Ughhhh so bothersome.

And why do I continue to watch this show if the people are so infuriating??? Don't ask me. I have no control over my addictions. But luckily tomorrow is the first football game. Hooray!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!

Even my nails are getting excited!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So I babysit like a fiend. Like I am literally always babysitting. It is getting a little ridiculous. But at the same time I get paid and I get to hang out with kids so it it not all bad...

The other night I babysat six kids all under the age of 9. It was a little crazy but at the same time really fun. The best part was when I took them all to the park. I got the funniest looks. But I am used to those after spending years with Maisie and getting pity looks from people that think I am a teenage mother.

If those 4 girls look like a big gang also imagine me
pushing a double stroller with two kids under 2.

Some of the cute kids at the park.

Then the next day I got to babysit my sweet little cousins. There were some arguments about if we should watch Tangled or Barbie Fashion Fairytale and then there was some panic when the girls decided to escape to the neighbors house. But it is all worth it when I get to look at this chubby face!

Could he be any sweeter???

And then today I babysat three little boys. I babysit them every week and they are really fun. They are so active that it can be a little too much at some points but otherwise it is just so fun to hang out with them.

Today Jack went to school and poor Johnny had no one to play with so he spent most of the day sitting on the front lawn waiting for Jack to come home. I tried my best to entertain him but I am not as much fun as an older brother.

Johnny was begging me to take a picture of him and Henry.

Later in the day they came up with a "fun" game. They thought it was so entertaining to jump off of the chair into the kiddie pool...which had no water in it...don't ask me why they found this fun.

Kids are just so fun to play with...but most the time I can only handle small doses. Hopefully all this babysitting will be good practice for being a mother...should I ever get so lucky to have children of my own.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I as I mentioned in my post about harry potter 5, I adore the movie The Young Victoria. Like ADORE it. I know it is geeky of me to be so in love with a historical movie but I just am. I even rented it and then didn't take it back to blockbuster...but don't worry, we paid for it. And then I thought I lost it and my life was sad...but yet again, don't worry, I found it.  So then I thought about my favorite movies. And I have quite a few.

The Young Victoria takes the cake. My life is just complete after I watched that movie. I can pretty much quote it line for line. And now all I want to do with my life is find my very own Albert...and if he looked just like Albert does in the movie I wouldn't complain. I just need someone to play the game with me (if you have seen the movie you should understand...)


Another random favorite of mine is Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I am almost positive none of you have ever seen it. But I assure you it is the best movie ever. Unless you are crazy like conrad and hate everything good....but otherwise you will love it. Assuming you like horses and jumping and blindness...sorry if I just ruined part of the plot?

500 Days of Summer can't be beat if you are an awesome I obviously am. Oh wait, no. But it is still a really good show even if I am not allowed to like it because I am not a hipster.
And I know that this movie is rated R but it really is fantastic. Slumdog Millionaire. I love it and it means so much to me because I have seen situations and people just like the ones depicted in the movie. It is so real and I love that about it. They don't shy away from the harsh things but it isn't graphic just to be graphic. Love.
The King's Speech is another rated R one that I love. But I hear you can easily get the pg-13 one and that it is just as good. So watch it.

The Social Network makes me so happy but so sad.  I just feel so bad for Eduardo and the twins. I will not even try to spell their last name. The weird thing about that movie is that the plot is really boring but yet it is a great movie. The acting is great. And I love Andrew Garfield.

(Random fact of the day, Brenda Song aka Eduardo's girlfriend in the movie is pregnant...and you will never guess who the father is Miley Cyrus's brother, who is also the lead singer of metrostation aka the guys that sing "shake shake a shake it"....just thought you ought to you)

Hmmmm I am sure there are alot more that I love I just can't think of them at the moment. Watching movies is like one of my favorite things to do. Love it so much. If you have any good suggestions I would love some more good ones to watch.

Oh and I recently watched The Help and it was FANTASTIC! It takes a lot for a movie to get me invested enough to cringe and feel for the characters but I really felt for the characters in that movie. There was so much character development and a connection. It was a really well made movie and it had one of the most amazing messages ever. Can you believe that is how America was not too long ago??? That makes me sick to my stomach but the way they approached a sensitive topic was pure magic.

 I just saw a list of good movies to watch and one of the movies on there was A Lot Like Love. Me and my cousin's watched that on a plane one time and I distinctly remember Nate saying "A lot like love? More like a lot like crap!"
Funniest thing I have ever heard.

And thinking of all these movies makes me miss my Taftie. Oh how hard life is when your best friend is gone....

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know I should be extremely grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to go to college and to get an education, but starting school each year is always a struggle for me. I just find it hard to get myself excited about going to school.  And this year is no different. I just have no excitement about going to school tomorrow. So I need someone to help get me excited! Because my family is not cutting it...especially since my siblings don't start for another week.  I am taking some good classes and hopefully I will get to know some cool new people but i just don't have a passion for learning that a lot of people have. I have some goals that I am setting for myself this new year and hopefully I will be successful...we shall see how this goes....

Some random recent pictures.

How cute is that outfit???

Sweet new puppy!

The lovely nail polish I bought from Urban Outfitters.

Sitting by the pool at Henry's soccer party.

Maisie was trying to float peacefully but the boys
kept bothering her.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie.)

-Definitely my favorite of all the movies. The plot isn't necessarily my favorite but the cinematography is splendid.

-The score is to die for. I don't usually pay attention to the music in movies (I normally have taft to do that for me) but I can not help but love this music. Especially when they are flying over the river Thames on broomsticks and when Fred and George are lighting off all their fireworks. AMAZING.

-The best scene in the whole entire Harry Potter franchise is between 1:06:30 and 1:07:30. That is a minute of pure hilarity. Love it.

-I love that Percy Weasley is dispersed throughout the whole film. What a gem.

-I also love Seamus's tie at 1:20:34. So great!

-Throughout the whole movie there are just awkward moments that crack me up. Most of the time Ron is trying not to laugh and I just love the way Rupert Grint plays him in this movie. Fantastic.

-I love all the newspaper clippings throughout the movie. I distinctly remember seeing it the first time and thinking "this would be really difficult to watch if you couldn't read". And it is true but it makes it so great.

-It hurts my heart that Sirius is dead. When Sirius dies is when I truly realize that Harry's life sucks. His parents are dead, Voldemort is after him, Dumbledore won't even look at him, his girlfriend revealed his secret club (just kidding that is not in the same league as these other things but it still kinda sucks), Sirius is dead, and now he is completely alone. I know the Weasley's are like a second family to him but can you imagine having anyone who was even remotely close to being like a family to you be killed? Sucks.

-I think this may be my favorite movie ever...actually I take that back. The Young Victoria will never be beat. If you haven't seen it, your life sucks and you need to change your ways and go watch it right now.  But Harry Potter is still quite a great movie. Now onto # 6.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I feel like the famine that is happening in Africa right now is not getting enough attention. And I know that people don't like to think about these sad things especially in this difficult economic times when maybe they do not have the financial ability to give money to help these people. So therefore I have a GREAT solution that can help people and it is free!  Everyone go to and click. EVERYDAY! It is suppppper easy. It will literally take you like 10 seconds to scroll through and give to all the different charities. It doesn't make a huge difference if just one person does it but it can really help a ton of people's lives if everyone just clicks. They only count one click per day, so it is not really worth it to click a whole bunch of time (believe me I have tried that in the past but realized it wasn't working). So I am begging you to bookmark that page and click everyday. It breaks my heart thinking of all the children that are dying because they don't have any food. And it is also terrible to think how badly those parents must feel that they are not able to provide for their children. I have met parents that are not able to provide any food for their families and you can see the pain on their face. So please just click. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you will be helping someone's life if you are just willing to click once a day.

And also I am looking for a place to donate more than just a click a day so let me know if you have any suggestions for a good place to donate.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My friend David is in the MTC (missionary training center) before going on his mission to Thailand so me and some friends decided to make him a little care package. We bought some goodies from the store and even went and made him so treats. It was probably the best care package ever...if I do say so myself.

We also made him some nice little notes.

Me and Conrad went a little overboard with the stencils...

Conrad's picture was a lot better than mine, it is too
bad you can't really see all the details...
We worked really hard on his package and we hope that it made his day!

Speaking of Conrad, he is going on his mission to Houston, Texas Mandarin speaking. How crazy is that?!?! I can't believe he is going on a mission. It is really weird when people that are younger than you start going on missions. But I know he will be a fabulous missionary.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I am obsessed with sports. Like it is getting out of hand. As you can tell by my recent cycling posts, bike riding is a new favorite sport of mine to watch. I saw watch because I am probably the least athletic person you will ever meet but yet I LOOOOOVE watching sports. They are just so entertaining and fun. Today I even watched some golf with my grandpa and found it entertaining. How weird is that?? My great-grandpa always used to say "did you see that exciting golf today?" And now I know what he means. And maybe I have become more interested in cycling and golf and such because there is no football or basketball for me to watch right now. Sports are just great. Football, basketball, soccer, cycling, tennis, golf, and really any other sport. I just have a slight obsession and I have no plans of getting over it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tour of Utah.

(Just for clarification this post is about the bike race. I am not actually taking you on a tour of utah...sorry, I know you were excited.)

Well we started off the day with trips to multiple different bike stores to try and get my mom a new bike (since the dumb robbers stole both of hers). At the second store I found a bike that was made for me! My mom also found a new bike but that isn't quite as important...

You can't really tell but it is the cutest bestest bike ever.
And it only cost 1300 dollars...which sounds like a lot but
it was actually pretty cheap for a nice road bike.
I wanted it so badly!!! It was meant to be my bike and I just know it. Too bad I don't remember the last time I rode a bike but that is just because I don't have a super cute awesome one to ride.

After the bike store me and my parents went to see stage four of the Tour of Utah. They rode their bikes (but since I don't have a bike I was forced to drive...more evidence that I needed that bike!) and I drove and had to try and find a parking space and to find out where my parents were. They had found a nice spot on a hill (which is always the best because they go slower) and we sat and watched them go by. They did 11 circuits around Salt Lake that were about 7.8 miles each. It was really fun to watch them.

Just before the race ended we went up and stood on a corner closer to the capital building and when the riders went by I could have literally reached my arm out and touched. It was crazy.

The best part of the whole day came after the race was over. We had seen George Hincapie during the race and he is one of my favorite cyclists so I wanted to see if we could find him. We walked up to where some of the team buses were and luckily the BMC bus was up there. In case that wasn't obvious George rides for team BMC. (and for any of you that like cycling you will know that Cadel Evens, the winner of the tour de france, rides for BMC.)  As we were walking towards the bus like stalkers we saw some BMC riders riding towards us and one of them was George!!! I was so excited that I kind of embarrassed myself by yelling out his name. He looked and me and came me a little "hey" nod. You know the kind, it is like a reverse nod that teenagers do when they think they are cool. I was so excited!!!! Most people don't even know who he is but yet he still managed to make me excited. Hooray George!!!

I also saw the announcements of the stage winner and both the 1st and 2nd place riders were named Javier. I found that to be kind of amusing.

The capital building looked quite nice.

It was super fun and I got to see a lot of the riders that I really liked in the tour de france (minus the Schlecks which was kind of disappointing but still). I really like cycling which is weird because I don't like to do it myself but it is still great!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Some random confessions I have thought about today and wanted you to know.

1. I have an obsession with nail polish. Like it is getting out of hand. In the past three weeks I have bought at least 7 new colors. Ridiculous. And I repaint my nails at least every three days. Even when it still looks perfect. I just think that nail polish makes an outfit look so much better...even when my outfits don't look that great to begin with.

Just a portion of my collection.

2. Speaking of outfits...I get mad at people when they are dressed cuter than me (which happens most of the time because as much as I long to be a J. Crew model I neither have the body nor the money to dress like that all the time.) It just makes me mad that I can't look like that. I also get mad at people that have perfect hair. Like just stop it. Some of us try desperately to get our hair to grow but it insists on staying the same length for like 4 years! The perfect example of this is Lauren, I am mad at her like every time I see her. She has the cutest clothes I have ever seen and her hair is to die for. If I could pull off her hair I might actually try something adventurous with my hair. And I wish I had a picture of her lovely style to post. (I hope you are glad I mentioned you again on my blog.)

3. I have yet to take everything out of my suitcase from Zambia. I know that is really weird and crazy but I just don't have enough room for all of my souvenirs. I took out all the important things, don't worry. It is just things that don't quite have a home yet. I promise I will get around to it eventually.

Suitcase covered with my beautiful African fabric.

4. I am like the ultimate blog stalker. I look at a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of blogs of people I don't even know and I love it. I just like the read about other people and see how their lives differ from mine. I hope that someday someone will read my blog and like to read it....but I don't let my hopes get too high.

5. I visit People magazine online at least twice a day. Like I bet you didn't know that Tina Fey had a baby and named her Penelope Athena. I am obsessed with celebrities and their lives. I think it comes from the same part of me that likes to read blogs. I just like to know about other people and their lives. And sometime I am partially convinced that someday I will marry someone famous and maybe I will be on that website. But I know that it is all a fantasy and I truly would never want to be famous. Too much pressure.  I know, I'm weird.

6. I miss my missionary friends more than I can even express. I think about them literally every day. I had a million things I want to tell them and I just want to hear their voices and see their faces. They are some of my closest friends and I really never imagined my life without them. I know they will be home sooner than I expect but that doesn't seem soon enough. They are doing the right thing so I am happy for them but at the same time my heart hurts.

7. The thing I most miss from the robbery is my passport. Although I probably wouldn't be thinking about it at all I am thinking about it all the time now that it is missing. It has been the one thing that traveled the world with me. It could take me anywhere I wanted to go and now it is gone. I can always get a new one but a new one will never be able to replace the one I had.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ron Weasley.

I just saw Harry Potter for the second time and I think I loved it even more the second time. It is just so good! I love it so much and I am depressed again that there will never be a new movie. So sad.

As I have said before, I am rereading all the books and I can not help but express my love for Ron Wesley. He is by far the greatest character. He is always there for comic relief but he is also the best friend anyone could ever hope to have. I wish he was my friend. He is so good to Harry and Hermoine even though he doesn't always reap the rewards. I love in the 4th book where Ron is jealous of all the attention Harry gets and then Ron finally gets some attention because of his involvement in the 2nd task. Ron deserves all the attention anyone could give him. He is so GREAT!!!

Also, he is just so cute! Maybe it is just the fact that I love red heads but I really find Rupert Grint to be very attractive. He has this sort of quirk about him and I just love him.

Wish I was Hermione...

Gotta love Ron key chains.
And while talking about amazing Harry Potter characters we can't forget Neville. Everyone always thinks that Neville is just the nerd and that he isn't really a big deal but he is. He is fantastic and you kinda feel bad for him but at the same time you love him. So great.

Rocking the coolest sweater known to man. If I had this
sweater I would wear it everyday.
 Speaking of cool sweaters, the Harry Potter movies are full of them. Fred and George always have great ones but Ron really takes the cake. Just watch the movies and I promise you will see some lovely sweaters.
(and that really wasn't sarcastic, I love the sweaters!)

Yet another attractive actor.
Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan are super great too. There are too many awesome guys in Harry Potter to even list them all.

While talking about Harry Potter characters we can't leave out Malfoy. I know he is the bad guy but he just has a soft spot in my heart. His family is bad and he is kind of forced to do bad things. I don't think he would be a bad guy if his parents/family weren't so bad. Also, my favorite part in the newest movie is when Draco and his family just randomly walks away. So funny.

Oh and we can't talk about all the characters I love without mentioning Percy Weasley. He is just so intriguing and I don't know why I love him so much. I really wish he was in the movies more. I feel sad when he isn't there. He is like a terrible person and so rude to his family but yet I can not resist him. Hmmm I am going to have to investigate this love. Maybe it is the fact that I have a strange affinity towards arrogant guys...just ask Wesley if you have any questions about this problem...

He is just so stuck up!
The rest of the Weasleys are just as fantastic and I love them all but Percy and Ron just make me so happy.
And I just found a super great picture of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine that I couldn't resist sharing. Oh Harry Potter, what would I do without you???

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Warning. This may be the longest post ever.

I will admit that the idea of a staycation has never really appealed to me and I didn't think this one would be very fun especially since Taft wasn't here. I just thought it would be boring and unexciting but I was definitely wrong. I had such a good time and I think the rest of my family did too.

Park City was super fun. We went shopping and I got some super cute new clothes, new boots (because the middle of summer is an obvious time to buy boots...) and an amazing bag.

You don't get the full understanding of it but it is super cute!

I also found a super awesome ring. But don't worry, I didn't buy it.

If you don't know whose ring this is a copy of then I am sad for you.

Me and Kasey made friendship bracelets with a whole bunch of 10 year olds. They thought we were really weird. And the saddest part is that they were way better at me at making the bracelets.

We went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store like everyday and got caramel apples. So AMAZING!!! I love them so much I could eat them all day. Plus they are healthy because they are apples, Right?
On the way to the store Maisie had to stop and pose by the animal statues.

She is such a little model.
We also went a bookstore that has the most amazing books. They are so beautiful. We have been to bookstore before and I fell in love with the wonderful copy of "Tess of the D'ubervilles". Lucky I have a super awesome mom and she found me a copy. Love you mom.

We also went to a cute little ice cream shop that had a cow theme. They had like a billion stuffed animals and the ice cream was sooooo good.

Even the ceiling was cow themed.

One day Kasey, Eric, and I went on the town lift.

Skinny steep roads in park city

The view was well worth the 11 dollar fee.

I think Tuesday may have been my favorite day of the whole trip. We went on a rafting trip in the morning and then the Park City Mountain Resort in the afternoon. The rafting trip was way more fun than I anticipated. It was pretty easy going but super fun. The most interesting part was that there was this bridge and the bottom of the bridge was literally two feet above the water. So we all had to lay down in our rafts to avoid hitting our heads. It was really crazy! Park City Mountain Resort is so much fun. They have the Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster, and a zip line, My Grandpa is so great and bought us all unlimited passes. It was literally one of the funnest things I have ever done. It was so fun to do it for myself but also great to just see everyone so happy and all the little kids just enjoying themselves.

Connor was so excited to be around all his cousins and I loved spending more time with him.

Such a cutie pie
Wednesday was my great grandpa's 98th birthday. It is so amazing to me that he is 98 years old. He was born in 1913. That is so crazy!!! He is such a wonderful man and so hardworking. I am so proud to be his great grand-daughter. We also took a family picture and it is hilarious trying to get all 30+ people together for a picture.

Thursday was also so much fun. We went boating all day! I haven't been boating in such a long time and I enjoy it so much. My grandpa rented jet skis and they are probably the greatest invention on the earth. I am usually such a baby when it comes to things like that but I was having so much fun and going super fast. Love it!!! Tubing with Kasey and Katie was so hilarious. I loved watching them try to hold on and screaming the whole time.  I am also super proud of myself because I backed the boat trailer into the water so we could load the boat. That may not seem like a big deal to most people but it was a big accomplishment for me.

Friday we went to Laser Quest and out to dinner. Everytime I go to dinner with my family I am shocked at how loud we are. It is good that they always give us our own private room because we are out of control. So many little kids everywhere. I am surprised that anyone is able to handle us. After we went to get ice cream and realized some interesting things about certain family members and their trees haha.
(sorry for the inside joke)
 Maisie was very sad when we had to go home. She thought that we had moved to Park City forever. She also got really mad at my mom when she thought we had left all her clothes in Park City. Such a drama queen.

(sorry for the lack of pictures in this section. I ditched my phone for most of those activities)

Monday we went to the Kennecot Copper Mine and to Bouncin off the Walls. Going to the Cooper Mine was actually way more interesting than I anticipated. I learned a lot of interesting things and it was really cool to see the mine.

That tiny little white thing is a full size pick up truck.
Those mining trucks are HUGE!!!

I LOVE this picture Zach took of me and Poppy.

Bouncin off the walls was probably the best thing ever.

We had the whole room to ourselves. Which was good
because we are CRAZY!
 I think everyone had so much fun. All the adults were totally into it. Especially Katie who was being "the mean kid" and pushing everyone else down the slide. The most hilarious part was when she pulled jodi down the slide by her leg. It was such a great time!

There were quite a few collisions.

Maisie was so cute going down the slides and such.
The grand finale was Kasey jumping on the slide, doing
a toe touch, and then a flip. She is so talented haha.
 We all had tons of fun but everyone came home with battle wounds.

Tuesday everyone went to Cowabunga Bay but I had to work so (not) sadly I had to miss out on that great event.

The last day of the staycation was going to the zoo. I love the zoo so I was super excited and I especially love it when I get to see little children's reactions to the animals and stuff.

Today was the baby elephant's birthday and so there were like a million people there. But it was cute to see her do some cute tricks.

We also went to the bird show which is always fun and interesting.

Bald Eagle. According to Katie they couldn't let it fly
or it would peck your eyes out haha.

Weirdest bird I have ever seen. It was huge and
scary and probably mean.
Ostriches are weird.
The giraffe loved us.

Maisie made friends with a monkey.

One cool thing they have at the zoo are all these robotic dinosaurs. They were really cool and seemed really life like....not that I know what is life like when it comes to a dinosaur. They moved and made noises and some of them even squirted water. They were really cool.

I had to tell maisie that the T-rex would eat her in order to
get her to move on.
The kids all loved the merry-go-round.

We all had a really good time at the zoo. It was a great day and the staycation was super fun as a whole. I love my family and I am so grateful that I got to spend so much time with them. Thanks Nan and Grandpa for taking us on this lovely staycation!!!