Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Nail Polish.

So I have a recent obsession with painting my nails. I believe it started when Lauren painted my nails red and told me I had Kissin Kate Barlow nails. (Granted that was quite some time ago but it made me develop a much greater appreciation for painted nails.)

I paint my nails alot but I tend to rotate through the same 4 colors because I do not have much variety of nail polish. But since I have been paying more attention to nail polish trends and realizing how much they can compliment and outfit I couldn't resist buying more colors. Today I bought white and splurged on a color called "Sand Tropez". It cost eight dollars but it was such a unique color I couldn't pass it up.

White nail polish is kind of trendy so I feel like a tiny bit of a poser wearing it but I adore how it looks. It can just add so much to an outfit and really make it look better.  I hope that it looks good on me and that people won't think I am crazy. You be the judge.

I promise my hand doesn't usually look that creepy...
unless of course your name is Lauren and you think that my hands
look like Hercules' hand when he is swimming in the death river....

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