Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour de France.

I love the Tour. I was never able to understand why my parents would always sit around and watch people ride their bikes for hours at a time. It made no sense to me...but now for some reason I do the exact same thing. I can not wait until we start watching the tour every day. It is just so exciting...(I know I sound like a lunatic saying that bike riding is exciting, but it really is).

Andy Schleck is by far my favorite rider and I love watching and waiting for him to do something exciting. And FINALLY on Thursday he did. He rode all by himself over two mountains. That is crazy!!! Luckily after finishing quickly on Friday he got the yellow jersey and now we just have to see if he can keep it. He deserves to win and I really hope that he does. But the time trials are today and everyone knows that he isn't a very good time trialer (and by everyone I mean everyone that is a nerd like me.)

I am just so obsessed with watching the tour and I am sad that it will be over in two days. But I can't wait to see who will win!!! Hooray!

And believe me I know that I am like a super nerd for admitting that I love watching a bike race and that I am so passionate about it...but I can't help it...its in my genes.

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