Thursday, July 28, 2011


I think I am satisfied with the amount of changing I did to my blog. It only took me like 4 hours to get it just the way I wanted it. It is quite simple but I still really like it. I hope you do too. And tell me your thoughts, please??? I really need some feedback...although I know that only a few people read this, but if you do I would love your input. (Even if I don't know you I would still like your input. And I know it might seem weird to comment on people's blogs if you don't know them but I read so many people's blogs that I don't know and I am always to scared to comment, but don't be scared of me...please?)

Also, I am starting to get excited because these next two weeks should be quite an adventure. All of my mom's siblings that live out of town are coming to Utah and we are having a staycation. It should be pretty great. We have lots of good activities planned and I really like spending time with my family. So get ready for lots of pictures.

And  who wouldn't have fun with people that give you gifts like these???

Random collection of pigs Kasey dropped off at my
house today...

And with people who share your love of Justin Bieber.

Oh and Austin has been gone for over 6 months. Can you believe it??? (Most of you don't know him so of course you can believe it, but I can't) That means he only has 3/4ths of his mission sounds like a lot of time but really it is only 18 months and I can survive 18 months, no problem...hopefully.


  1. I'm a big fan of the new layout. Its super cute!

  2. Thanks Marie! And can I just say that everytime I read your blog I literally laugh out loud. So funny!