Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Salt Lake.

So I don't get a chance to go to Real games very often but when Lauren invited me to go with her there was no way I was saying no...and when she told me we were sitting in a a suite. So amazing!!!  It was one of the coolest things and I had such a good time. Luckily Real won 4-0 so that was delightful. And my favorite player scored a goal! Hooray!!! It was super fun and they eve had fireworks at the end. It was such a fun night and I am so glad that Lauren invited me and that Maddies parents were out of town so we could sit in the box. So great!!!

Warming up for the game. Notice the Kyle Beckerman
in the green penny in the middle of the picture.


Close up on the line up. Kyle Beckerman is just to the
left of the refs.

During the lovely game.

Ended with GREAT fireworks!

Lauren trying to steal my boyfriend.

Wedding announcement picture

Oh and poor Andy Schleck didn't win the Tour de France. He didn't do so well in the time trial and so he lost to Cadel Evans. He did finish second and his brother Frank finished third so that was ok.  My heart still hurt for him when it was evident that he was going to lose. He has finished 2nd for three years in a row. Maybe next year Andy! Don't worry, I will still be rooting for you.

Picture of the podium. Andy is on the left,
Frank on the right, and obviously Cadel
in the middle.

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