Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter.

Last night I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I was such a blast but at the same time it was bittersweet. I have been reading/watching Harry Potter for such a long time that I can not even accept that it is over. I just love all the characters so much that I don't want to part with them. I could go on and on about each character and why I love them. It hurts my heart to think that I will never get to see a new adventure starring them. Oh well, no more complaining.

I had such a blast last night. I love that Becca was running around taking picture with random people. It made for some great pictures. Marie's costume was to die for, it was so perfect. I was so glad that Rachael was sitting next to me because I tend to talk alot during movies and she didn't complain...although internally she might have been. The whole movie was just so intense but there were so many perfect moments. Love love love it!!! It was just a great ending and it made me so happy.

Part of our group with an AMAZING Quidditch team.
They had some of the best costumes I have seen.

Me and Rach just being awesome Hogwarts students.
And last but not least, does this guy not look exactly
like a member of the Weasely family???
So amazing!!!
Well I am now in Harry Potter mania (I know it should have set in before I saw the movie but oh well) so I am off to read. Yes I did decide to reread all of the books...hopefully it won't take too long...

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