Saturday, July 30, 2011


One time I went to a farm...and that one time was yesterday. Well actually I have been there once before but I didn't blog about it because it was much too exciting. Ellie got bucked off the horse and we thought she had a concussion. Ellie almost got heat stroke. And something else bad probably happened to Ellie. Far too entertaining to blog about haha.

  Somehow a few years ago my dad acquired a farm. I don't even remember how but he did. There hasn't really been much happening at the farm but this year they finally started growing something.

Tridicali (I have no idea what that is or if I even spelled
it right. I think it is some kind of grain?)

Sudan Grass (I also have no idea what the purpose
of Sudan grass is...?)
So we are growing things on our farm and it is kinda fun to go and see all the stuff growing and all the things they are building.

Nice little bathroom building so that one day we can have
RVs come and camp here....doesn't that
sound delightful?
There are also alot of alot.

Nasty Beetle.

Frog. Last time my mom went to the farm she brought
home a bunch of tadpoles so we have some little
pet frogs that look like that in our backyard, in case
anyone is interested in seeing them in real life.

Thats an antelope...kind of hard to tell.

Nasty spider that is bigger than it looks and it was super fast.

Llamas...they are named Tico and Paco haha.
We also have horses there but I forget to take a picture of them. Also, when you drive home on the dirt road at night there are like hundreds of mice all over the road. They are like partial rabbits because they hop. They are kind of cute from inside the safety of the car but I think we killed like 20 of them since they didn't get out of the way of the car. We also saw two baby foxes which my dad says is really rare. They were really cute but kind of dumb because they kept running in front of the car.

I probably shouldn't admit it but going to the farm isn't that bad. It is kind of cool to be in the middle of nowhere and have no one around for miles. But don't get me wrong, I will never be spending more than a day there.

Oh and one more thing, I painted my nails yellow. What do you think about it?

Cool or weird?

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