Friday, July 1, 2011


I have always been hesitant to accept the statement that "Utah has the worst drivers". I think it was a little bit of pride on my part that I didn't want to be clumped in the worst drivers category. But I am starting to accept that most drivers in this state are terrible.  Yesterday there was someone in a right turn only lane that decided they wanted to go straight, and if I had not been paying attention then there definitely would have been an accident. I had like 7 other situations like that yesterday. Does anyone know how to properly use their blinkers???? Or the left lane on the freeway???? Come on! Everyone had to take a drivers test once in their lives, so why can't they just drive well???? I will admit that I am not the best driver ever but I feel like I know the rules and follow them to the best of my ability. And maybe that is what everyone else is doing, maybe everyone is just following the rules to the best of their ability. But if that is true, then most people do not have very high abilities.

Although I will admit that I would be a lot less frustrated by dumb drivers if I was driving this car...

I want one of these cute little Fiats so badly!!! We just got a dealership here and I definitely would not have complained if I happened to get one of these for my birthday.

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