Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adventures at La Caille.

I LOVE it when my aunt Kasey comes to town. Mostly because I just love her and I don't get to enjoy her company often enough but also because I know that she will invite to La Caille with her.
(To those of you who do not know what La Caille is, 1. You should look it up. 2. It is like being in a little fairy tale...although there are usually drunk people or in the case of this last visit hideous bridesmaid dresses.)

We always have such a good time just sitting around and not the mention the food is to DIE for. Like literally I don't know if I have had anything better in my whole life. And it also gives me a good chance to experiment. I have discovered that oysters are decent but escargot is fantastic!!! Oh and you can not forget the beignets are so wonderful that I could probably eat them for every meal. Love love love.

Even Maisie was disappointed when she got cake instead of beignets.

The strawberry smoothie seemed to cheer her right up.

It is so beautiful there. Seeing all the peacocks is pretty cool except for when they jump onto your table....definitely not cool. There is so much too see and I think I notice something new every time I go there.

I thought the driveway looked really cool.

I always have such a nice time going there with Kasey and Eric. You two are fabulous and I love spending time with you! Thanks for inviting me every time!!!!

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