Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well it looks like the adventures have already begun.  I went to my grandmas house after work to see the end of my sister's birthday party and my aunt was there with her cute little dog.

(I didn't take these pictures, Kasey is just a gifted photographer.)

Sweet little Winnie

Maisie obviously thought it was her birthday...
As the party wrapped up me and Kasey decided to take a golf cart ride to go and get the mail. We got down to the mailbox and then on our way back the golf cart ran out of lovely. Once of us had to keep our foot on the pedal while we both pushed. If anyone saw us it would have been quite a scene. We finally came up with a brilliant idea and decided to put baby Callen on the pedal so that we could both push more easily. Kasey took a hilarious picture but I don't have it. He didn't seem very happy to be sitting on the pedal but it worked all the same. Funniest thing ever.

Kasey also wanted to be a trend follower and go and get feathers in our hair.  I thought she was crazy but I agreed. So now we both have lovely feathers in our hair. I feel like such a follower.

I can not wait for many more adventures to come!

Oh and can I show you what Ellie got for her birthday. This is going to make our lives so much better...

Who knew justin was 6 feet tall?

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