Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July.

So I always felt that the 4th of July was kind of a lame holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being from America and being able to live in this country and all the traveling I have done has just reinforced that love, but I still feel like it is a little bit boring. No one is getting presents and fireworks were never really my thing. But this year I had a great day.

I got to sleep in and then we watched the Tour de France (I know that sounds totally lame but I have actually grown to enjoy it...I also enjoy it because during the month of July my parents have to upgrade our cable so they can watch it and that means I can watch all the crappy reality shows on Bravo that I want).  Following the Tour we went to yet another bike centered activity. There is a little bike race in the center of Holladay and it was actually pretty fun. Granted you only get to see the bikers ride by like every 4 minutes but it was still good to spend some time outside...because normally it is too hot.
( Don't worry, I do know that I am a nerd to enjoy all this bike racing, but if you know my parents at all you will know that it is in my genes and there is nothing I can do about it.)

Then the real fun began. I made the coolest cookies ever.

They were supposed to look like this...
But they ended up looking like this,
and this,
and here is all of them.
They tasted really good even if they didn't look quite as spectacular as Martha Stewart's. I was still quite proud.

I had a good time at the fireworks especially when lovely Haley would stand up during the lyrics to "Proud to be an American". So hilarious.

I am so grateful to live in this wonderful country and to have all the opportunities that I do. I love to travel but I could not imagine living anywhere else. We are so blessed to live here and we should remember that more often than just on the 4th of July. I am so indebted to everyone who founded this country and to everyone who is fighting to keep us free. Thank you so much! 

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