Sunday, July 31, 2011

Royal Wedding #2

In honor of Royal Wedding #2 of this year (the queens granddaughter Zara Phillips got married yesterday and technically it is Royal Wedding #3 since the prince from Monaco got married but I am only counting the British monarchy because I like them the best.) I figured I would share a bit more about my obsession with Royal Wedding #1.

As mentioned in my previous post, Kasey gives me the bestest gifts ever. And just before the Royal Wedding I got a special little surprise from Kasey via Eric, Nan, and Grandpa. I came home one day to find this little beauty.


And a few weeks after the wedding Kasey told me I could go online and download a print out of her dress. There are some seriously amazing people in this world. Whoever came up with that idea was pure genius. I haven't had a chance to play with the dolls yet or to print out the wedding dress but no need to fret, it is on my to-do list.

While (kind of) deep cleaning my room I decided to go through the multitude of magazines that I posses. And believe me, when I say multitude I mean A LOT. I think that I single handedly keep People magazine running. I buy so many it is ridiculous.

This HUGE bag is full of magazines...too many magazines.
While getting rid of old uninteresting ones I found some old gems that I love too much and couldn't get rid of. But I also came across quite a few with cover stories all covering the exact same topic...and I am sure you can guess. Yes it was the Royal Wedding.

I have an illness. I am still obsessed. The wedding was done and over almost three months ago and I can not stop thinking about it. I haven't even let my mom delete the recording of it from our tv. (speaking of that, if anyone knows how to transfer recordings to dvds and you could show me how that would be really great!) I need to find a way to get over this...but I don't really want to. It is just such a fairy tale (well at least in my mind it is.) I can not even believe that there are real princesses in this world. And when it comes to princesses I love them just as much as Maisie does. I think I will let this obsession continue for a little is just too fun to give up.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


One time I went to a farm...and that one time was yesterday. Well actually I have been there once before but I didn't blog about it because it was much too exciting. Ellie got bucked off the horse and we thought she had a concussion. Ellie almost got heat stroke. And something else bad probably happened to Ellie. Far too entertaining to blog about haha.

  Somehow a few years ago my dad acquired a farm. I don't even remember how but he did. There hasn't really been much happening at the farm but this year they finally started growing something.

Tridicali (I have no idea what that is or if I even spelled
it right. I think it is some kind of grain?)

Sudan Grass (I also have no idea what the purpose
of Sudan grass is...?)
So we are growing things on our farm and it is kinda fun to go and see all the stuff growing and all the things they are building.

Nice little bathroom building so that one day we can have
RVs come and camp here....doesn't that
sound delightful?
There are also alot of alot.

Nasty Beetle.

Frog. Last time my mom went to the farm she brought
home a bunch of tadpoles so we have some little
pet frogs that look like that in our backyard, in case
anyone is interested in seeing them in real life.

Thats an antelope...kind of hard to tell.

Nasty spider that is bigger than it looks and it was super fast.

Llamas...they are named Tico and Paco haha.
We also have horses there but I forget to take a picture of them. Also, when you drive home on the dirt road at night there are like hundreds of mice all over the road. They are like partial rabbits because they hop. They are kind of cute from inside the safety of the car but I think we killed like 20 of them since they didn't get out of the way of the car. We also saw two baby foxes which my dad says is really rare. They were really cute but kind of dumb because they kept running in front of the car.

I probably shouldn't admit it but going to the farm isn't that bad. It is kind of cool to be in the middle of nowhere and have no one around for miles. But don't get me wrong, I will never be spending more than a day there.

Oh and one more thing, I painted my nails yellow. What do you think about it?

Cool or weird?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well it looks like the adventures have already begun.  I went to my grandmas house after work to see the end of my sister's birthday party and my aunt was there with her cute little dog.

(I didn't take these pictures, Kasey is just a gifted photographer.)

Sweet little Winnie

Maisie obviously thought it was her birthday...
As the party wrapped up me and Kasey decided to take a golf cart ride to go and get the mail. We got down to the mailbox and then on our way back the golf cart ran out of lovely. Once of us had to keep our foot on the pedal while we both pushed. If anyone saw us it would have been quite a scene. We finally came up with a brilliant idea and decided to put baby Callen on the pedal so that we could both push more easily. Kasey took a hilarious picture but I don't have it. He didn't seem very happy to be sitting on the pedal but it worked all the same. Funniest thing ever.

Kasey also wanted to be a trend follower and go and get feathers in our hair.  I thought she was crazy but I agreed. So now we both have lovely feathers in our hair. I feel like such a follower.

I can not wait for many more adventures to come!

Oh and can I show you what Ellie got for her birthday. This is going to make our lives so much better...

Who knew justin was 6 feet tall?


I think I am satisfied with the amount of changing I did to my blog. It only took me like 4 hours to get it just the way I wanted it. It is quite simple but I still really like it. I hope you do too. And tell me your thoughts, please??? I really need some feedback...although I know that only a few people read this, but if you do I would love your input. (Even if I don't know you I would still like your input. And I know it might seem weird to comment on people's blogs if you don't know them but I read so many people's blogs that I don't know and I am always to scared to comment, but don't be scared of me...please?)

Also, I am starting to get excited because these next two weeks should be quite an adventure. All of my mom's siblings that live out of town are coming to Utah and we are having a staycation. It should be pretty great. We have lots of good activities planned and I really like spending time with my family. So get ready for lots of pictures.

And  who wouldn't have fun with people that give you gifts like these???

Random collection of pigs Kasey dropped off at my
house today...

And with people who share your love of Justin Bieber.

Oh and Austin has been gone for over 6 months. Can you believe it??? (Most of you don't know him so of course you can believe it, but I can't) That means he only has 3/4ths of his mission sounds like a lot of time but really it is only 18 months and I can survive 18 months, no problem...hopefully.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I am in the process of trying to make my blog look cuter. So don't judge it right now. This is like me putting up one of those signs that says "pardon our dust". You know the signs I am talking about...

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Happy birthday to my great little pioneer sister. Ellie is 11 and that is blowing my mind. I literally remember sitting at my grandparents house waiting for the phone to ring announcing the birth of my first little sister...I mean my brothers were fine but I really wanted a sister. The phone kept ringing and I would jump up but it was always someone calling for my aunt. Dang her for being so popular! And FINALLY sometime in the evening I got the call that little Elizabeth Lee was born. I was so excited. I can not believe that it had been 11 years since she was born. That seems so strange to me. She is such a great sister and I can be a little mean to her at times but I am so lucky to have her in my life and I love her so much. Ellie you are so great!!! Have a marvelous birthday...and we will all pretend the fireworks are for you.

Cute family picture...pre maisie.

Lovely picture taken at like 6 in the morning.

Real Salt Lake.

So I don't get a chance to go to Real games very often but when Lauren invited me to go with her there was no way I was saying no...and when she told me we were sitting in a a suite. So amazing!!!  It was one of the coolest things and I had such a good time. Luckily Real won 4-0 so that was delightful. And my favorite player scored a goal! Hooray!!! It was super fun and they eve had fireworks at the end. It was such a fun night and I am so glad that Lauren invited me and that Maddies parents were out of town so we could sit in the box. So great!!!

Warming up for the game. Notice the Kyle Beckerman
in the green penny in the middle of the picture.


Close up on the line up. Kyle Beckerman is just to the
left of the refs.

During the lovely game.

Ended with GREAT fireworks!

Lauren trying to steal my boyfriend.

Wedding announcement picture

Oh and poor Andy Schleck didn't win the Tour de France. He didn't do so well in the time trial and so he lost to Cadel Evans. He did finish second and his brother Frank finished third so that was ok.  My heart still hurt for him when it was evident that he was going to lose. He has finished 2nd for three years in a row. Maybe next year Andy! Don't worry, I will still be rooting for you.

Picture of the podium. Andy is on the left,
Frank on the right, and obviously Cadel
in the middle.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tour de France.

I love the Tour. I was never able to understand why my parents would always sit around and watch people ride their bikes for hours at a time. It made no sense to me...but now for some reason I do the exact same thing. I can not wait until we start watching the tour every day. It is just so exciting...(I know I sound like a lunatic saying that bike riding is exciting, but it really is).

Andy Schleck is by far my favorite rider and I love watching and waiting for him to do something exciting. And FINALLY on Thursday he did. He rode all by himself over two mountains. That is crazy!!! Luckily after finishing quickly on Friday he got the yellow jersey and now we just have to see if he can keep it. He deserves to win and I really hope that he does. But the time trials are today and everyone knows that he isn't a very good time trialer (and by everyone I mean everyone that is a nerd like me.)

I am just so obsessed with watching the tour and I am sad that it will be over in two days. But I can't wait to see who will win!!! Hooray!

And believe me I know that I am like a super nerd for admitting that I love watching a bike race and that I am so passionate about it...but I can't help it...its in my genes.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter.

Last night I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I was such a blast but at the same time it was bittersweet. I have been reading/watching Harry Potter for such a long time that I can not even accept that it is over. I just love all the characters so much that I don't want to part with them. I could go on and on about each character and why I love them. It hurts my heart to think that I will never get to see a new adventure starring them. Oh well, no more complaining.

I had such a blast last night. I love that Becca was running around taking picture with random people. It made for some great pictures. Marie's costume was to die for, it was so perfect. I was so glad that Rachael was sitting next to me because I tend to talk alot during movies and she didn't complain...although internally she might have been. The whole movie was just so intense but there were so many perfect moments. Love love love it!!! It was just a great ending and it made me so happy.

Part of our group with an AMAZING Quidditch team.
They had some of the best costumes I have seen.

Me and Rach just being awesome Hogwarts students.
And last but not least, does this guy not look exactly
like a member of the Weasely family???
So amazing!!!
Well I am now in Harry Potter mania (I know it should have set in before I saw the movie but oh well) so I am off to read. Yes I did decide to reread all of the books...hopefully it won't take too long...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Nail Polish.

So I have a recent obsession with painting my nails. I believe it started when Lauren painted my nails red and told me I had Kissin Kate Barlow nails. (Granted that was quite some time ago but it made me develop a much greater appreciation for painted nails.)

I paint my nails alot but I tend to rotate through the same 4 colors because I do not have much variety of nail polish. But since I have been paying more attention to nail polish trends and realizing how much they can compliment and outfit I couldn't resist buying more colors. Today I bought white and splurged on a color called "Sand Tropez". It cost eight dollars but it was such a unique color I couldn't pass it up.

White nail polish is kind of trendy so I feel like a tiny bit of a poser wearing it but I adore how it looks. It can just add so much to an outfit and really make it look better.  I hope that it looks good on me and that people won't think I am crazy. You be the judge.

I promise my hand doesn't usually look that creepy...
unless of course your name is Lauren and you think that my hands
look like Hercules' hand when he is swimming in the death river....

Adventures at La Caille.

I LOVE it when my aunt Kasey comes to town. Mostly because I just love her and I don't get to enjoy her company often enough but also because I know that she will invite to La Caille with her.
(To those of you who do not know what La Caille is, 1. You should look it up. 2. It is like being in a little fairy tale...although there are usually drunk people or in the case of this last visit hideous bridesmaid dresses.)

We always have such a good time just sitting around and not the mention the food is to DIE for. Like literally I don't know if I have had anything better in my whole life. And it also gives me a good chance to experiment. I have discovered that oysters are decent but escargot is fantastic!!! Oh and you can not forget the beignets are so wonderful that I could probably eat them for every meal. Love love love.

Even Maisie was disappointed when she got cake instead of beignets.

The strawberry smoothie seemed to cheer her right up.

It is so beautiful there. Seeing all the peacocks is pretty cool except for when they jump onto your table....definitely not cool. There is so much too see and I think I notice something new every time I go there.

I thought the driveway looked really cool.

I always have such a nice time going there with Kasey and Eric. You two are fabulous and I love spending time with you! Thanks for inviting me every time!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette.

I can't resist any longer. I have so many opinions about the Bachelorette and no one wants to hear them all but I can't hold them in any longer.

Ok, Ashley, lets just pick JP and get this all over with. We all know he is the best candidate so therefore just pick him. You have been breaking the rules all season so just break some more and skip the rest of the season. He is just so perfect....but on second thought...maybe he should be the next Bachelor and some how I can apply to date him? Like really, he was so jealous of you with the other guys and I think that is so adorable!!! And I know jealousy is not supposed to be attractive but JP can make anything attractive.

Ames is like a super nerd but in such an endearing way. He is very sweet but all of your interactions seem so awkward so we know you won't pick him. Plus his educational background seems a little snotty...and keep in mind that this is coming from a girl that has gone to a private school (that has a reputation for being snotty) for most of her whole life...

Remember when Constantine said he wasn't really falling in love with you? And how he mostly just say you as a friend? That does not bode well for a marriage...unless you have made a marriage pack with your friend like "If we both aren't married when we are 40 we will get married."
But you did have a serious fairy tale moment when you let off that lantern like you were in Tangled. Jealous much. I almost wish some disney music would have been playing the background..

Ben is pretty good. I actually like him quite a bit. But what did you two do that whole night when he was gone??? Well I know what you might have done...but really? Super inappropriate if you did.  I have a suspicious feeling you might pick him but I just don't approve of that. Unless him hometown date is super awesome then you better not pick him. I just don't think you two "fit" together. And that is a serious factor in any relationship. Any pictures you take together have to look good and I don't think yours will. Sorry to break it to you.

Emily, why are you interrupting my viewing of the Bachelorette??? I watched the whole season you were on and I have had enough of your drama. You broke up...I think it would be better for you if you just moved one with your life. And PLEASE DO NOT come back to be the Bachelorette. I have a tiny feeling that you might be a tad bit fake and I don't want to have to deal with you any longer.  Also, Brad has the personality of a piece of cardboard and yet you chose to marry him??? It would be kinda awkward if he was just like "please sit down"  "Please watch your step" "Please please please" all the time. A person can only be so polite!!!

All right, I feel much better that I have gotten all of those feelings off of my chest...

Also Ashley. Some of your date choices are super bad. this what was going through your mind "guys are already fighting over me so lets make them literally fight each other. I think that will ease all the tension"? NOOOOOOOOOO worst idea ever. I don't care if it was culturally appropriate. Bad idea!!! Another terrible date happened in this last episode. (inside Ashley's brain again) "All of these guys are already thinking about marrying me so I am going to tempt them by taking wedding pictures with them.  And them the guy that I like the best will get the most normal outfit so we can practice for when we really get married and i will give the other guys super crazy outfits. Sound perf!!!"  Wowww. That might have been as bad as the boxing. It was just so awkward.

Now I am really done with my rant.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Royals in America!!!

Oh mylanta! I just thought everyone should know that I am now in the same country as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Will and Kate). I even found out the People Mazagine's website is streaming live footage of them getting off the plane! This is like the most exciting moment of my life!....not really but I just needed to acknowledge this historic moment. Now how can I find a way to get to California, and meet them, and marry Prince Harry? Any suggestions?

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July.

So I always felt that the 4th of July was kind of a lame holiday.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being from America and being able to live in this country and all the traveling I have done has just reinforced that love, but I still feel like it is a little bit boring. No one is getting presents and fireworks were never really my thing. But this year I had a great day.

I got to sleep in and then we watched the Tour de France (I know that sounds totally lame but I have actually grown to enjoy it...I also enjoy it because during the month of July my parents have to upgrade our cable so they can watch it and that means I can watch all the crappy reality shows on Bravo that I want).  Following the Tour we went to yet another bike centered activity. There is a little bike race in the center of Holladay and it was actually pretty fun. Granted you only get to see the bikers ride by like every 4 minutes but it was still good to spend some time outside...because normally it is too hot.
( Don't worry, I do know that I am a nerd to enjoy all this bike racing, but if you know my parents at all you will know that it is in my genes and there is nothing I can do about it.)

Then the real fun began. I made the coolest cookies ever.

They were supposed to look like this...
But they ended up looking like this,
and this,
and here is all of them.
They tasted really good even if they didn't look quite as spectacular as Martha Stewart's. I was still quite proud.

I had a good time at the fireworks especially when lovely Haley would stand up during the lyrics to "Proud to be an American". So hilarious.

I am so grateful to live in this wonderful country and to have all the opportunities that I do. I love to travel but I could not imagine living anywhere else. We are so blessed to live here and we should remember that more often than just on the 4th of July. I am so indebted to everyone who founded this country and to everyone who is fighting to keep us free. Thank you so much! 

Friday, July 1, 2011


I have always been hesitant to accept the statement that "Utah has the worst drivers". I think it was a little bit of pride on my part that I didn't want to be clumped in the worst drivers category. But I am starting to accept that most drivers in this state are terrible.  Yesterday there was someone in a right turn only lane that decided they wanted to go straight, and if I had not been paying attention then there definitely would have been an accident. I had like 7 other situations like that yesterday. Does anyone know how to properly use their blinkers???? Or the left lane on the freeway???? Come on! Everyone had to take a drivers test once in their lives, so why can't they just drive well???? I will admit that I am not the best driver ever but I feel like I know the rules and follow them to the best of my ability. And maybe that is what everyone else is doing, maybe everyone is just following the rules to the best of their ability. But if that is true, then most people do not have very high abilities.

Although I will admit that I would be a lot less frustrated by dumb drivers if I was driving this car...

I want one of these cute little Fiats so badly!!! We just got a dealership here and I definitely would not have complained if I happened to get one of these for my birthday.