Friday, June 24, 2011


So as I had previously mentioned it was my sweet little sister's birthday on the 21st and mine is the day after. Most people would think that was really fun, but I am very particular about birthdays and I feel that having our birthdays so close together takes away from the specialness. But that is besides the point. I had a wonderful birthday and I wasn't really expecting to.  Of my four closest friends, three are on missions and the other is visiting family in Kentucky so I wasn't really expecting much from my birthday. I figured I would just hang out with my family and that would be that. But my AMAZING friends from the spectacular Poulson house proved me wrong. They had a little get together for me and it was great. It was so fun and I was so happy that they thought of me. It really made me so happy and I had a great time.  Although I missed all my best friends I still had a lovely birthday and I will hopefully remember it for a long time to come.

So this birthday was pretty good but I have had some other super awesome birthdays. I spent my 12th birthday in London with my mom, aunts, and grandma. I spent my 14th birthday in Omaha, Nebraska. While it wasn't my favorite ever looking back it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. We got to go to a really nice zoo and the college world series is a good life experience. My 16th birthday was spent on a plane and in Hawaii so no complaints there. (plus my birthday was 4 hours longer due to the time change.) And my my 17th birthday my great friends threw me a surprise party (granted I did pester them for months before and I even yelled at poor Wesley two weeks after my birthday when I still hadn't gotten my surprise party but little did I know it was the next weekend and it had been totally planned. Thanks Wes!)

(Imagine a picture of me being really surprised here. My friend deleted his facebook before he went on his mission and therefore deleted all evidence that I had a surprise party. sad...)

But I have had some fabulous birthdays and I am a lucky girl. I think everyone should be treated wonderfully and amazingly on their birthday. So if you know anyone with a birthday coming up, work extra hard to make it special for them. You only get one birthday a year, so you better make it special!

"No I distinctly remember you had your birthday last year"
"That's the funny thing about birthdays, they are kind of an annual thing..."
(Name the movie please?)

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