Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As I am preparing to move home for the summer I have started to get rid of things that I do not need and one thing that I am having a very difficult time throwing away are these little beauties

These are my first pair of Toms I have ever bought
I absolutely ADORE Toms! They are the most wonderful shoes on the planet. And that lovely picture demonstrates just how much I love them since those are totally worn out and have holes in them but I can not bear to get rid of them. I haven't worn them in months but I still don't think I could ever throw them away. For some strange reason they carry a lot of significance to me and I have no idea why, I just love them. I have gotten four other pairs since I got my first ones and they are pretty much the only shoes i wear. But despite having those four other pairs none of them can replace the first.

my four other pair of Toms
In case you don't know what Toms are you should look them up.  The are made by this great company that gives a pair of shoes to a child in need whenever you buy a pair (so that is how i justify buying canvas shoes for 45 dollars...) They are also super comfortable and wayyy cute. Everyone should buy at least one pair. I am sure you will love them. (one piece of advice is to try them on before you buy them and I always buy half a size smaller than I normally wear because they stretch.) You might even love them so much that you could never even imagine throwing them away even after they are past the point of no return...and if that happens be sure to tell me so that I wont feel quite as weird about wanting to keep mine forever.

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