Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Small Case of Bieber Fever.

So I have never been a big Justin Bieber fan. Like I have listened to his music but he was never my favorite ever and he most likely won't ever be. But my sister rented "Never Say Never" (which should be called the Justin Bieber movie because no one calls it by his real name) and I decided I might as well watch it.  So here I am sitting in my basement being super cool and watching a movie about justin bieber. And it isn't the worst movie ever. Right now there is a little bit of drama because Justin Bieber has to postpone one of his shows. Oh goodness such a dilemma! Well I hope this fever passes soon because I refuse to let this develop into a full blown illness....bad news bears

This is probably the best picture I have ever seen of Justin Bieber

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