Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Recap.

As I have previously stated, I am obsessed with the royal wedding and it lived up to all my expectations!!! It was fabulous. Her dress was BEAUTIFUL and William looked so handsome and you could really tell that he loved her. And can we please discuss prince harry because he is like the epitomy of classiness. LOVE him. The ceremony was really nice, although it was a tad long for my taste so therefore I have the magic of dvr to skip over the boring parts. When they walked out onto the balcony I almost died. It was just perfect and iconic. I wish I was lucky enough to get to go to those amazing receptions but alas I am not.

 I do have to admit that I did not stay up all night so that I could see it live, but I did spend the vast majority of the next day watching all the footage I could possibly get my hands on. My brother asked me a few times why people were so obsessed with it and I got very defensive and he had to deal with my wrath for a little while. It was just like a fairy tale come true and I have a weird love for the royal family and I know far too much about them. Ask me anything about them and I will most likely be able to answer it...if I put as much time into studying as I did into researching the royal family I would definitely be the best student ever. I just love how classy and proper they are. People here are definitely not classy like they are. Double pinkys up to the Brits.

Cover of the People magazine that I
rushed out to buy monday morning

Oh and don't worry if these two posts did not give you all the information you wanted about my obsession with the royal wedding, I am positive there will be more in the future.

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