Saturday, May 28, 2011

One Week.

One week until I embark on the adventure of a lifetime....i probably shouldn't say that since I have already had one adventure of a lifetime and I hope to have many one week until i embark on one of the HUGE adventures in my lifetime.  I am going to Zambia!!! I am so excited butI am also beyond nervous. You figure that I would be more prepared since I only have one week left but I feel like I haven't ever been less prepared than I am now.  I haven't even thought about packing yet, I don't have my malaria medicine, and I have yet to do about a hundred other things I have to do. This week should be fairly exciting and busy.

I am going with an organization called Mothers Without Borders.  They have a school there and I am so excited to be able to spend two weeks with these children and get to know them.  I can't wait!!!

I don't know very much about Zambia but I am excited to learn. 

Zambia is the red case the wasn't obvious.

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