Thursday, May 5, 2011

The End?

Why does the end of things always have to be the best? The end of senior year was AMAZING and I never wanted to graduate. The end of summer was FABULOUS and I had such wonderful friends...that all left me to go to that school down south (not an Ohio state reference if anyone even knows what I am talking about?) The time just before Austin went on his mission was probably my favorite time ever. And now, the end of the school year has been just FANTASTIC. Why does the world think it is acceptable to do this to me?!? I do NOT approve. Eventually I will be happy that I had such great times to remember things by but for now I am just sad that those things ended even if it was on a high note. 

In other news, I am DONE with finals!!! Being done with one year of college seems surreal to me. I still feel like I am in 7th grade. Hopefully soon I will accept that I am partially an adult. Finishing finals can only mean one thing...packing. I feel like I moving a lot more stuff out then I moved in, if that is even possible.  Here is a great little glimpse into the packing monsters that me and Avery have become.

If it is possible, it looks a lot less messy than it
actually is. AKA it is more messy than it looks.
Eventually we will finish and our room will look sad like Paige and Emilia's does. (I just tried to go take a picture of their sad empty room only to discover that the door was locked. So mean!) I can't believe that this year is over and that people are moving or have moved home. I am going to miss all the people in this house so much. They are all wonderful and can make me laugh harder than most everyone else. Such a classy group of people!!!

Poulson House 2010-11
 "Words are Hard"

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