Monday, May 30, 2011


I LOVE Sundays. They are fabulous. I have attended farewells the past two weeks and all of my speakers have been wonderful (shout out to Taft, Wes, and Michelle!!!). And although I hate farewells and goodbyes I am beyond excited for these three to begin their new adventures.

I also get to spend time with my darling little sister. She is so fun! Yesterday we made funfetti cupcakes. Maisie is OBSESSED with making cupcakes and asks for us to make them everyday, so today I gave in and made some with her. 
Our lovely cupcakes with homemade frosting
(thanks dad)

Maisie tells me often that "her favorite color is
chocolate" and I think that is evidenced
well in this picture...
I got a little crazy with my cupcake and put cow sprinkles on it.
I also love Sundays because I get to spend time with my extended family. I went over to my cousins house (because he is leaving on his mission soon so I want to spend every possible minute with him) and boy, those kids are hilarious.  First off, I didn't think my cousin Emi ever really talked but she was on one last night.  She kept calling people hags, which is such a funny thing to call people. She also went on like a million tangents that no one understood. And then the highlight of the night was when Taft layed in her bed with a cupcake. She did not like that at all and started yelling incoherent things but the one sentence I did manage to understand was...."no cupcakes in mu bed!!!!! get out you hedgehog!!!!!!" I almost died laughing. She is really funny when she actually speaks.

I also watched The Best Two Years, why is that the best movie ever. I think it is so hilarious and I sincerely hope that missions are actually like that. Taft could quote like every other line which made it about ten times better.  Overall it was a fantastic Sunday and I look forward to many more great summer Sundays.

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