Thursday, May 5, 2011


Avery, Rebecca, and I went to park city to go outlet shopping but before we had to take Avery's tires to her friends house. (I know it sounds really weird that we had to take her tires somewhere, wouldn't a person need their tires?) So that was a spectacle in itself because me and Becca both struggle to move tires so we ended up rolling them which was hilarious. we also saw these goats...

Cute nice brown goat

Big mean white goat
The white goat was suppppper mean to the little brown one.  When the brown one tried to get up on the gate the white one tried to stab it with its horn...luckily it has a kinda messed up horn so the brown one was unharmed.  Becca petted the white one and it tried to bite her! (well maybe it was trying to lick her but i will just assume it was going to bite her face off.) The goats were definitely one of the highlights of the day besides the general hilarity that happens whenever any amount of time is spent with Becca and Avery.

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