Thursday, April 21, 2011


So for the past few days I have been DYING to eat a big piece of chocolate cake. And everyone in my whole house knows because I have been constantly asking them if they have any treats to share with me. So this morning I walked down stairs to grab my breakfast (aka a pop tart, which is basically a treat in and of itself) and I saw this delicious looking cake mix on the table

It looked something like this...or exactly like this
I was obviously insanely jealous of whoever had that delicious cake mix and even contemplated stealing it...not really. But by the time I got back to the house after work I had all but forgotten about the delicious cake mix until someone told me that Rebecca had bought it just for me!!! I was so ecstatic.  I of course had to go and bake the cake right away (and when I say bake I mean watch Paige bake it. Thanks Paige!).  And it turned out something like this...

Thanks to the lovely frosting skills of Emilia since I
apparently can't frost a cake to save my life
It tasted marvelous and I was just so happy that Rebecca bought it for me. That was soooooo nice of her and I definitely didn't deserve it since all I did was whine about how I didn't have any treats. Now that I think about it maybe she bought it just so I would stop whining.... But either way, she is a fabulous person and a wonderful friend. Thanks Becca!!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Anna! I can't believe you mentioned me in your blog! I feel so honored. :) And you are most welcome, friend. It was was pretty tasty, eh? ;D