Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, what's in a name?

       The name of this blog is fairly obscure so I figured I should explain it.  Most people named Anna have the obvious nickname of "Anna Banana" but  I HATE it when people call me that. My resentment towards that nickname has even possibly effected my feelings towards the fruit.  I am not entirely sure why I abhor bananas but there are two possible reasons 1.People have been calling me Anna banana all my life and i have developed some repressed feelings against the nickname that have extended to the actual fruit or 2. I just simply do not like bananas.  Both are fairly plausible. It is kind of a "which came first? the chicken or the egg?" problem.  Did i dislike bananas first and then the nickname inherited that dislike? Or, did i hate the nickname and then start hating the fruit? I have no idea, I just dislike both and I guess that is how it will always be.
       Since I hate the normal nickname for Anna, my friends have tried to come up with new nicknames to call me. Some examples are "Annie, Little Annie, Big Anne, Anna Avocado, and Anna Apricot (obviously...)." I have therefore decided that Anna Apricot was cute enough to serve as the name of this lovely blog. So that's the super intriguing story of the naming of this blog.

P.S. Anyone reading this (aka no one) better know where the title of this post came from or I don't know what I will do but I will not be happy.

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  1. So cute Anna, I love that you made it your own.