Friday, April 15, 2011


Although this happened more than a year ago this blog is mostly just to document my life so I figured I should say something about this.  In February of 2010 I got an amazing opportunity to go to India and do a lot of wonderful service.  It was by far the most amazing trip of my life, and was completely life altering. I absolutely LOVED it.  And hopefully some day I will get to go back to this amazing country and meet more wonderful people.

I hope you like pictures!

View from my hotel window

Just a guy walking down the road carrying a
 TON of stuff
Me with a super cute little boy at the
School for the Blind

One of my favorite girls from the blind school.
She showed me all her jump roping tricks

My group celebrating the Hindu holiday Holi.
It is a celebration of color where all the people take colored powder
and put all over their face and bodies.

This was the line of people waiting at the feeding program.

We all got a chance to help give the people their food.
It was harder than it looks. The food was really hot and
almost burned my hands, but it was still my favorite
experience of the whole trip!

This is my group with the most inspiring woman I have ever met.
Asha started a school for children that live the garbage dumps.

The kids were so excited to have their pictures taken.
And as soon as you took the picture they would run to you
to see the picture on your cameras.
My wonderful group and some kids from the feeding program.
Going to India was so amazing. We met some awe inspiring people and our lives were forever changed.

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