Saturday, April 23, 2011


Going to concerts is one of my favorite things to do, even if I only know one of two of the songs that the artist is singing. Last night I went to a free concert (always the best kind!) and it was decent.  Mike Posner was playing and he isn't my favorite but he has a few songs on the radio and if you have a chance to see him for free why not go?  It wasn't exactly my scene but it was still an ok concert and I got to hear both the songs I wanted and it's always fun to go places with Lauren.

Mike Posner Concert
I am a lucky duck when it comes to good concerts coming to Salt Lake and I have been able to see some of my favorite bands perform.  I have three favorites that really stand out as being like the best ones ever.  She & Him is the first one.  It was another free concert and I am so lucky that they came.  Zooey Deschanel is like the cutest person ever and it was super fun to see her in person.  I have most of their songs memorized and that always makes concerts better.  It was way outside and that makes most concerts better and it was one of my favorites. (I know I took some pictures of this concert but I have no idea where I saved it so you will just have to imagine)

Kate Nash is by far one the best artists in the world.  Her songs are just amazing and yet so funny at the same time.  She was a really good performer and it was a super good time. I also know every single one of her songs and I love singing along...especially since it gives me an excuse to sing in a British accent.

High quality phone picture of kate nash singing

Close up of her playing her awesome bubble piano
I went to the Owl City concert last year and it was probably one of my favorites ever.  His opener was Lights and she is super duper amazing and if you haven't heard of her look her up this very instant. I mean it! She is so talented and from the way her music sounds you might think she isn't very good live but she is even better live.  She has so much talent it is amazing.  Owl City was really good too.  His music is totally different from most other people that are popular now and I really like that. He was a good performer and it was a really fun concert. 

Another blurry phone picture of the cool light display
I wish I could go to a concert every weekend! There are so fun and really put me in a good mood. I have not been to nearly enough concerts but hopefully good bands keep coming to utah so I can keep going!!!

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